Tuesday, June 02, 2009

International Whores Day

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Prostitutes mark 'Whores Day'


June 02, 2009 12:01am

SEX workers angry about the cost of advertising in local papers will mark International Whores Day on Tuesday by protesting outside New South Wales Parliament House.

The Scarlet Alliance wants anti-discrimination laws to protect sex workers, saying at the moment its members are the victims of unfair bias from banks, lenders, local councils and in advertising.
Sex worker Ivy McIntosh said people in her profession were being overcharged when they placed ads in local papers.

"I'm paying too much for a measly two inches,'' she said in a statement.

(Now that's something I can relate to)

"Sex work is legal in NSW.

"Why am I charged hundreds of dollars to advertise in local papers when other trade occupations are charged less than $100?''

The sex workers will dress in red and carry red umbrellas in the demonstration for International Whores Day, which started in France in 1975.
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Anonymous said...

"I'm paying too much for a measly two inches,'' she said in a statement.I wonder how that argument works for her clients...

Jeannie said...

Does seem a titch unfair

Hammer said...

Maybe these private companies are discriminating due to other causes related to the reputations and history of dealing with sex workers.

Around here they discriminate against professional wrestlers..they can't get home or car loans.

Lexcen said...

FJ and Jeannie, I'm sure you know what I mean;-)

Hammer, is there anybody out there who ISN'T claiming discrimination?