Monday, May 24, 2010

Miss Muslim USA 2010

Learning about the latest winner of the Miss USA beauty contest and the emphasis on the fact that she is a Muslim is nothing short of disconcerting to me and I guess most Muslims as well.
What does it all mean?
I think there is the underlying implication that we should let down our guard and suspicion and prejudices about how we think of Muslim women, the burqha being the pre-eminent issue worldwide here. After all, how bad can Muslims be if their women not only exhibit themselves in a bikini but also win the competition?
No doubt the judges of the Miss USA competition a pushing an agenda. So be it. That doesn't matter to me.

What is really disconcerting to me is that I find myself in agreement with the opinion of a devout Muslim woman who says
Have we lost all sense of identity that we have to rejoice at a Muslim woman stripping down to her undies as a breakthrough  in Arab/Muslim acceptance in this country? Are we so desperate for any “good” publicity that we will take the bottom of the barrel? My Arab ancestors must be turning over in their graves somewhere. This is not a triumph for any self-respecting Muslim/woman who upholds true feminist beliefs.

I personally doubt if Rima Fakih is a typical example of a Muslim woman. I would like to believe that she represents the new generaton who have abandoned the bogus requirements that women cover up, after all it isn't stated anywhere in the Quran. But I can't.  In fact I doubt if she has anything in common with a typical Muslim women. The use of the adjective "Muslim" in this instance is more of a publicity stunt than any real description of what Rima Fakih is all about.
In fact, if she dared to set foot in any Muslim country there's no doubt she would be promptly arrested and convicted and stoned to death. This isn't something I approve of or wish this young lady. It is merely stating facts. Facts that are relevant about Muslims and Islam.
The juxtaposition of a beauty contestant with the word "Muslim" is merely a ploy, a publicity stunt a pathetic attempt to exploit the real issue of conflict between Islamic values and western values.

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Jeannie said...

We actually have quite a number of Muslim women around here who are indistinguishable from women of other faiths in public anyway. But they are not fanatic Muslims. They are nominal Muslims much as most mainline and many evangelical and pentecostals are nominal Christians. Or as many Jews are Jewish. They were born into a family with that tradition. And they follow it to a point because that is what they know but it doesn't really have an impact on their day to day life beyond perhaps when and how they pray (if they bother), their food squeamishes maybe and holy days.

Lexcen said...

Jeannie, I too knew one of those women you mention. She was eventually forced to wear the veil and move to a different neighborhood
so her children could attend Muslim schools.

ButterSnatch said...

I'd do her in the pooper...