Thursday, June 03, 2010

Climbing Mount Everest

I've always found living life the ultimate challenge. There's the struggle to make a living beyond hand to mouth existence, yes I like the creature comforts and yearn for all the latest gizmos. In fact, you could say I'm shamelessly materialistic. Not a spiritual bone in my body.
To me life is a challenge that is even greater than climbing Mount Everest. Health issues have plagued me from the moment I was born. Relationships have been challenging and draining, psychological issues need attention so I can function within a society. And so on and so forth.
So, to be frank, I can't understand those who find life so easy, a bowl of cherries if you will, who feel the need to risk death in a meaningless challenge to reach the apex of Mount Everest. Obviously they've had it too easy and feel the need for something more challenging than the mundane demands of everyday life.
Trampling upwards passing 200 other corpses doesn't mean anything to these brave, foolhardy, reckless, adventurous individuals. 
Somebody, please explain it to me. Tell me why, what is this urge to climb Mt Everest?


ButterSnatch said...

Climbing Mt.Everest aside, I think adrenalin junkies NEED to challenge themselves throughout the course of their lives to FEEL alive. Whereas you or I could go for a brisk walk in the morning, or go to the beach and take in a sunrise and feel equally alive, they REQUIRE the challenge, the constant rush, the never-ending planning phase of 'the next trek' in order to feel even a modicum of what we get out of everyday life.

I too have been plagued with health issues for more than half my life. I too have had my fair share of failed relationships. I too find life in and of itself a challenge, daily. However, I can get a rush from going to a good movie, or playing with my dogs at the park, or from driving just a little too fast through traffic (as I tend to do from time to time).

These Mt.Everest folks are of a different breed. They REQUIRE the challenge, that the nearly impossible brings, in order to feel alive. I both envy them their adventures and am saddened by their inability to live life on life's terms.

Lexcen said...

Yes, the adrenaline junkie makes sense and explains a lot of other obsessive behavior.