Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mary McKillop (Saints on the Gravy Train)

Sister Mary McKillop to become a Saint.
It seems that it's never too late to hop on to the gravy train when times are tough for the Catholic Church.
In fact, Cardinal George Pell suggest that let's not stop at one Australian saint, how about another one?
CARDINAL George Pell has backed calls to consider a second Australian nun for sainthood after tomorrow's canonisation of Mary MacKillop.
And I agree. In fact making more saints could be the rabbit- from- the- hat- trick that will restore the Catholic church from it's decline in followers and recent demise caused by the relentless and never ending revelations of child molestation by priests.

It's the old trick politicians use to distract the public from scandal and issues they would rather avoid by creating a distraction.

Of course the re-introduction of the sale of indulgences might be on the cards.
After all, if the Tele-evangelists haven't already got onto this lucrative scam, maybe the Catholic church could reintroduce it...who remembers it anyway?

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Mattexian said...

I heard about this on NPR the other day (that's National Public Radio, tho I tend to call it NCR, National Communist Radio, since it's even farther left than the mainstream news channels here, but it's "listener supported!"). They made it sound like this will at least be good for encouraging Catholics in Australia, with their first native female Saint, tho they did touch on the priest-pedophile scandal (no pun intended) and how this might be construed as an attempt to make up for that.