Thursday, May 19, 2011

Islam is Terrorism and Terrorism is Islam

ASPI sponsored extensive, semi-structured interviews with more than 30 convicted terrorists in Indonesian jails. This is priceless research and Ungerer has written a sober, judicious but quite devastating report on the data obtained. The report is titled Jihadists in Jail, Radicalisation and the Indonesian Prison Experience.

 Greg Sheridan has this to conclude from reading the report.
But let me digress for a second into motive. None of the terrorists interviewed nominates poverty or alienation or, even in the general Western sense, injustice as the springboard to violent jihad. Instead, all the terrorists, even those who have recanted violent jihad, see their choices in predominantly religious terms. When they do cite injustice, it is only in the sense that they see Muslims as persecuted. Some of the terrorists went to religious schools, some to more secular schools. Some had university educations, others didn't have much formal education. But every one of them saw violent jihad as a religious duty for Muslims. This ought to have some salutary effect on the Australian debate. There are some outstandingly fat-headed analysts here who deny or downplay the religious element in Islamist terror. There are even those who argue that when we talk of it we should not make any reference to Islam. It is certainly the case that the overwhelming majority of Muslims reject terrorism. It is also the case that all Islamist terrorists justify terrorism through religion. This may mix with other things, such as a sense of adventure, peer pressure, family connections or exposure to a charismatic leader. But Islamist terror and violent jihad are religious phenomena.

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