Saturday, May 07, 2011

Pakistan on my Mind

Having time to reflect on the major news event of this week, my thoughts turn to Pakistan.
Either its government is one of the most incompetent in the world, naive to the location of OBL or it is one of the most duplicitous and therefore dangerous governments today. The threat of MAD is well dead and buried with the collapse of the Soviet Union, so the ogre that inspired so much fear in the west for so many years has left us becalmed and complacent to threats of nuclear attack.
Pakistan is a country that has nuclear weapons. Pakistan is also a country that harbors Islamic jihad sentiments and is home to many other wanna be Osama Bin Ladens.
To what extent and to what degree are these Islamic fanatics firmly entrenched in positions of influence and authority? We don't know. That is worrying and if you're not worried you should be.
Relations between the U.S. and Pakistan government are always teetering on the edge. In other words, the Pakistan government will cajole and co-operate with the U.S. as much as is necessary but only that much and no more. The Pakistan government must also placate the seething mass of it's Muslim citizens who no doubt have sentiments similar if not the same as Osama Bin Laden. How comforting is that?
At the moment Pakistan is stable but what if it turned into a quagmire that is Iraq?
We know that the U.S. would be hard pressed to contain such a situation if called upon because we've seen what a Sisyphus like challenge Iraq has been.
I'm not re-assured or complacent or satisfied that OBL is dead. Revenge may be sweet but Pakistan remains on my mind.

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