Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Philosopher and the Wolf

The Philosopher and the Wolf is a true story about a guy who happens to be a professor of Philosophy who takes on a wolf cub as a pet. It is a beautiful story in itself but also has much to say about how to live life.
Mark Rowlands, the author writes about what he learns about life from living with his wolf, Brenan.
Mark writes about the differences between humans and animals, in particular wolves. Humans are an animal that pursues pleasure more than any other animal. Humans are also inclined to miss enjoying the moment because we live in reference to the past and to the future. There are many lessons about life that Mark learns from the wolf and finally, coping with death is the final lesson. Unlike humans, to wolves, death just is. Nothing more nothing less, no remorse, no grief, no regrets. Maybe that is the most important lesson we might ever learn since death is the greatest fear we all must face for ourselves and our loved ones.

I loved this book and hope other readers will too.

If you read the book and find Mark's ideas interesting, you can follow him on his blog here http://rowlands.philospot.com/

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