Thursday, June 23, 2011

Indigenous People

I sometimes blog about aborigines of Australia. These days it's not acceptable to refer to the natives of the Australian continent as "aborigines" but rather as indigenous people. I've often wondered about this and I guess when you look at the photo above you might grasp the significance of it all.

You see, when I write about aborigines, and I use the term deliberately it is because I'm referring to those peoples who are genetically 100% aborigine rather than refer to "indigenous" peoples which includes individuals like the guy in the above photo.
This fact would probably escape any reader who isn't an Australian citizen.
In fact, I confess the distinction has eluded me until this very moment.

The above photo is of an indigenous Australian, Kim Scott who has been awarded the prestigious literary award known as the Miles Franklin for his novel That Deadman Dance.
I have no doubt he is a very talented author and I congratulate him on the award.
I'd also like to personally thank him for clearing up what has been now a fog in my mind, so now I understand the difference between aborigine and indigenous.

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