Thursday, August 11, 2011

London Riots Cause and Effect

There is much discussion about the cause of the London riots, the proverbial finger pointing at poverty and unemployment as the root cause. I say bullshit.
Crowd psychology is a well researched subject.
There is an excellent book on this subject by Elias Canetti titled Crowds and Power.

It seems that the mayhem has been encouraged by a reluctance of police to enforce the law.
In the UK the police have their powers seriously restricted by political correctness that requires them to pussyfoot around when dealing with criminal behaviour.
The touchy feely approach required by police in order not to offend the sensibilities of the public, in other words not to raise the issue of racism, has seriously limited their ability to control anti-social behaviour.
The use of water cannons has never been implemented and now there is only veiled threats that this is what the police might actually do.

So political correctness has a price and that is the chaos in London at the moment.

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Jeannie said...

I think it's all bullshit. They do have welfare/social assistance in Britain so these people are not starving to death. Or if they are, it's because they are spending their money poorly. It's the western idea that they are entitled to more while doing nothing to deserve/earn it. And so they take it.Or destroy it for others because if they can't have it, no one should.
Too many people act like spoiled children these days.