Saturday, September 10, 2011

9/11 the Legacy

On the eve of the 10th anniversary of 9/11, thoughts turn to that eventful day.
I can say that I was there, not in New York but transfixed in front of my television watching the live broadcast from CNN.
Although we might think there are no words to describe how we (the western world) felt that day, there are many words at hand. Shock, dismay, disbelief, horror, grief, outrage, disgust, numbness, sadness...

I think that ten years later, the world still fails to absorb the significance of that day.
We, the western world lost. We have lived in fear of terrorism everyday for the last ten years and will continue to live in fear for many years to come. The terrorists have won their objective in destabilizing our society.

We have lost because we are afraid to acknowledge that we were attacked by the core beliefs of  Islam. Politicians are afraid to say what is most obvious, Islam has declared war on the western world. Geert Wilders in the Netherlands has been put on trial for saying as much.

We have lost because we bend over backwards to accommodate Muslims in our midst, afraid to offend their sensibilities and willing to allow Sharia law to exist side by side with our own secular laws.

We have lost because we are afraid to associate "Muslim" with "terrorist" when profiling suspects.

We have lost because we have made laws that forbid us to criticize Islam, equating criticism with hate crime and racism.

We have lost because we refuse to accept that our western secular culture is superior and more civilized than Islamic culture which is inflexible in it's adherence to political religious system that Muslims consider not only superior but supersedes all other laws and values of every other country/religion/culture.

We have lost because instead of thinking of 9/11 as a wake up call, we have been overwhelmed with a sense of guilt and shame that has no basis in fact.

We have lost because we continue to belief the excuses of apologists for Islam rather than take a closer look at what Islam is all about and try to understand it. Instead we have persisted in looking at Islam through rose colored glasses, continuing to believe that Islam is merely just another religion like Buddhism ,Hinduism and Christianity.

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