Thursday, October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs RIP

One of the greats of our time has passed away. Steve Jobs was a great mind, a great creative force and if not the embodiment of Apple then certainly the spirit and genius behind the companies initial success and subsequent comeback to the forefront of cutting edge technology. Let's not forget than when he was shafted, Apple struggled to survive and when he was welcomed back, the world was given the new iMac then the iPod, and the iPhone and finally the iPad. Steve Jobs was a visionary that could tap into the minds of the public and gauge what the public wanted before it ever existed. His ability to package existing technology into a product that had irresistible appeal was sheer genius. The fact that his products have changed the way we do things is testimony to that genius.
 I've never owned any Apple products but that doesn't detract from the fact I've always admired Apple's ability to be innovative, a leader rather than a follower of the latest technology. I've always coveted Apple products but was never enamored enough to actually buy one.
At the moment I'm in love with my Android phone and amazed at what it can do but I must acknowledge that without the iPad and the iPhone and the iPad, there wouldn't be any Android phone.
And alas, without Steve Jobs, the world will now be a poorer place.

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