Saturday, November 19, 2011

Occupy Wall Street

I never could understand why people refer to police officers as "pigs". I have a lot of respect for police and on the odd occasion when a traffic cop has pulled me to the side of the road, I've always been deferential.

I've been following the stream of news reports from Occupy Wall Street and theme of police brutality comes up again and again. Do these cops have any thoughts on this matter?

Do these cops of NY have any conscious understanding that America is a democracy and the right to protest is a right that should be allowed?    

Do these cops know how other countries, specifically dictatorships behave brutally towards street protesters?

Do these cops have a personal disagreement with what the OWS protesters represent?

Maybe these cops think the protesters are communists and therefore deserve to get the most brutal treatment that can be dished out to them.

Whatever goes through the minds of these cops who rough up the OWS protesters, maybe they should consider how well they deserve the title "pig".


Jeannie said...

I think maybe cops undergo the same kind of mass hysteria that mobs do. The adrenalin starts to flow and the brain stops thinking. Cops, I think, tend to be on a bit of a power trip - they like to be in control. If someone seemingly defies them, even peacefully, they can't handle it and go off.

I don't have a problem with cops myself but I've noticed that some are just assholes anyway. Like you'll find in any cross section of humanity.

Mattexian said...

The OWS idiots are especially antagonistic toward the police, acting like they *want* to be oppressed. (Like that scene from _Monty Python and the Holy Grail_: "Help, help! I'm being repressed! Come see the violence inherent in the system!")The crowds have repeatedly backed the police against a wall, who have little choice to protect themselves at that point. Also, is the media down there reporting on the rapes, robberies, and other assaults committed at these protests, and they think they can "handle" it "internally" without reporting these crimes to the police? I think they are typical of what these ultra-leftists will have if they get their wish of their "utopia."

Lexcen said...


Thanks for your comment. It's good to get another point of view from another perspective.
I wonder if it's as simple as dismissing all protesters who have gripes against the system as communists or leftists. As I've said in a previous post, I think the OWS protesters are wasting their time. Nevertheless, I'd be very disheartened if I was living in a society that idealized democracy and yet behaved like a totalitarian state.