Monday, December 19, 2011

Kim Jong Il

What now North Korea?
Your leader is dead and the western world waits with anticipation of what will happen next.

My prediction is that North Korea will continue to be the isolated and paranoid country it has always been. If things get a little unstable the Chinese will step in like a big brother and settle and soothe the situation.

For those who contemplate a collapse of the system that is North Korea there is the underlying wet dream that this collapse will be a collapse into democracy. Very much like the wet dream that followed the deposing of Saddam Hussein and the recent Arab Spring where journalists heralded a forthcoming and inevitable collapse into democracy.

I'm quit proud of coming up with this catchy little phrase because it encapsulates the misconception that democracy is somehow a natural state of affairs instead of the aberration it really is.

So let me repeat, there will not be and never has been such a thing as a collapse into democracy.
Democracy is created by a society that is enlightened where all individuals have equal rights. A democracy doesn't bestow equal rights as much as it is the product of equal rights existing within a society.

End of wet dream.

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