Tuesday, February 07, 2012

AKA Muslims

Did you know that the Chechen rebels who took hostages in a Russian theatre, resulting in the death of 167 patrons were Muslim?
Did you know that the Chechen rebels in Russia that killed school children were Muslim?
Did you know that the freedom fighters in Syria at the moment are radical Muslims?
Did you know that the Nigera problems between north and south is the result of Muslims(north)?
Did you know the civil war in Sudan was caused by Muslims?
Did you know the East Timor annexation by Indonesia was triggered by Muslims (East Timor is Christian)
The Indonesian province of Ambon....Muslims.
Kashmir India...Muslims.
Civil war in Macedonia...Muslims.
Thailand (95% Hindu)...Muslims.
China(northern region)...Muslims.

What really riles me is the reluctance of news media to call a spade a spade. "Muslim" is the word left out. The most important and most relevant piece of information when it comes to news. Sometimes you might hear the phrase "political unrest" or "freedom fighters" or rebels but never the underlying reason which is usually Muslims.

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