Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Google Google Everywhere

Google here, Google there, Google Google everywhere.
Woke up this morning to read about the Google acquisition of Motorola.

As a coincidence, I'm reading a book about the history of Google. So it shouldn't be a surprise to me to learn that they've acquired Motorola. Their last major purchase was Double Click for $3billion.
The fact is that Google rules my life and I love Google.
My Android phone, thanks to Google keeps me in touch with the world when I'm away from my PC. From my PC I use Chrome, Google search, Google calendar which is synced to my Android.
From my Android I use Google maps which makes my Tom Tom obsolete. And yes it's better than the Tom Tom service.
I use Picasa to store my pictures online just in case my PC crashes and it has and I did lose all my files.Google saved my life.
I've been a blogger for many years thanks to Google supplying the free service of Blogger.
And I make money from my blog from Adsense thanks again Google.
I could go on but you get the picture.

I love reading about the Google corporate structure which borders on chaos. I worked for the most inhumane and bureaucratic organization in Australia for 30 and envy all those 20,000 or more Google employees.

As much as I admired Steve Jobs and his genius, I admire even more the unconventional approach to business and product development of Google. Larry Page and Sergey Brin started up Google and are still the heart and soul of the company but they've fostered a talented group of other geniuses whose ideas and inspiration have been the ongoing driving force that is Google.

Will Google manufacture their own phones? No doubt.
Will they give them away for free in the true spirit of Google?
I hope so.

Congratulations Google!

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