Saturday, May 05, 2012


Tired of your old religion? 
Feel like trying out a new one?...see how it fits so to speak....
Then why not pay up and visit Praycations.
What could be more reasonable or enlightening in times of multiculturalism than to explore alternate religions?

Ignorant about Islam? Become a Muslim for a month, staying with a Turkish family, studying the Koran, sharing the daily prayers and living the life of the devout.
If Islam's mystical Sufi tradition appeals more, study the life and times of its founder, Rumi, visiting his Turkish home town of Konya.
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These ''praycations'' are three of the spiritual holidays available through an aid organisation founded by an Australian, Ben Bowler.

It seems our ingrained consumerism mentality, the never ending thirst for NEW products, NEW thrills, NEW experiences can extend to NEW religion.

A word of warning to those of you who might be tempted to explore the peace loving religion of Islam.
First read this book, My Year Inside Radical Islam by Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

And of course, I should mention that not all Muslims are evil yada yada yada yada.


Mattexian said...

For some reason, I'm thinking "trying out" Islam would be a bad idea, as they might consider you an apostate afterwards, for going back to your old religion, no matter that it was only supposed to be temporary.

Lexcen said...

Mattexian, I notice you now have a blog so I'll make a link.
Also noticed you looked into Buddhism in 2009. Hope you weren't too disappointed.

Mattexian said...

I wouldn't say I was "disappointed," but it hasn't really given me that comfort of understanding my place in the universe. Altho I grew up Methodist I became disillusioned by that when looking at a national website, where they proudly proclaimed one of their platforms is small-arms reduction, which unfortunately includes my guns (plus a couple of examples of ministers being less-than-stellar examples to the congregations). I've been kinda drifting again, tho this time heading toward the Eastern Orthodox church, if I can ever muster up enough courage to go on a Sunday, tho in an hour we're going to one for their Mediterranean Festival (used to be just a Greek Fest, but they've branched out, as the church itself here is Antiochan, in what is now Lebanon).

Lexcen said...

I was raised Greek Orthodox and abandoned religion altogether at the age of 16.
I think human brains are wired to accommodate religion. The fact that intelligent,logical/rational people believe in God means we still need a scientific explanation for this paradox.
Good luck with your quest.