Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Violence is Islam

I was listening to a discussion on the radio yesterday where commentators were trying to understand the cause of the violence associated with the Muslim riots triggered by their anger over the film Innocence of Muslims.

If I wasn't driving at the time, I might have been tempted to phone in and tell them that violence is an integral part of Islam. It is through violence that Mohammed succeeded in spreading his religion of Islam. It is a fact that for 13 Mohammed only managed to gain a following of around 100 people.
And it is only after he adopted a policy of intolerance of other religions and violent confrontation that Islam spread rapidly.
This is the tradition that has become doctrine of Islam.
Violence is Islam.


Haris Al-Khufet said...

and there's LIES is Christianity...fake preacher..cardinals making sums of money from the believer..friend,not all religion might seem relevant to everyone but at least they believe in something..to bash n disrespect ones religion is the same foundation as those terrorist that bombed WTC.terrorist are just scum n theyre never welcome in Islam.Fact!

Lexcen said...


And what are you doing about those who have hijacked your religion and perverted the teachings that you believe?
As much as I dislike the institutions of the Christian church, specifically the Catholics, I don't feel threatened by them. Maybe in another century, maybe in the time of Galileo I might have felt differently but we must confront the issues of the here and now and not be distracted by irrelevant facts of history.
How do you propose to counter the Wahabi mindset that pervades the minds of Muslims today?