Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mark Latham, an embarrassment that won't go away.

I don't have much respect for politicians in general. Maybe it's the fact that they can't be trusted to be honest or maybe it's their pragmatic skills for survival that make them change from one position to another without any qualms or moral dilemma....

When it comes to Mr Mark Latham, ex politician, ex Leader of the Australian Labor Party, we have a public figure who seems to hang around like a bad smell, voicing his opinions to whoever wants to hear them.
He is an embarrassment because of his uncouth behaviour and foul mouth.
His political career floundered because of his performance was, let us say, a bit rough around the edges.

Nowadays, he is dragged out of retirement whenever there is a forthcoming election to spin his vitriol against those whom he dislikes.

Nobody should use "jihad" as a metaphor. This is just trivializing something that is too serious.
He is an embarrassment to other politicians who don't need any further spokesman to embarrass themselves.
He is an embarrassment to Australian politics and an embarrassment to Australian society.
He is Primitive, a primate. He should not be let out of his cage.

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