Sunday, January 03, 2016

Islam Violent? You bet!

There is the never ending debate about "peaceful" versus violent Muslims. The claim by apologists for Islam that "the majority" are "peace loving" may or may not be true. Let's not split hairs about this.

What is true, and has been since the emergence of Islam as a religion, is the bloody feud between the two branches of the same religion, Shia and Sunni.

We can endlessly debate the triggers for Islamic terrorism and wallow in self-hatred and guilt about the so called western interference and disruption of the stability of the middle east. And to a degree this is true because oil is the be all and end all reason anybody is interested in what happens in the middle east.

But, there is an inherent violence in Islam, it is a violence that is borne out of the writings in the Koran and it is a violence that is possibly, probably cultural. The history of Islam is a long bloody struggle between factions and who was more successfully ruthless in exterminating the opposition. Not just a struggle between Shia and Muslim but a struggle between different warlords.

The topic of the crusades always emerges, and it is a self-castigating reference. The crusades were instigated after 600 years of Islamic aggression, don't forget. The Muslims at the gates of Vienna, is what Islamic imperial aggression was about.

The crusades were ultimately a failure but Islamic imperialism didn't stop.
And the inherent violence that is within Islam never stops.

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