Friday, March 04, 2016

How Bad Could President Trump Be?

I read of American citizens contemplating emigrating in the event of Donald Trump becoming president.

I ask myself, How bad could a President Trump be?

Consider the legacy of George Bush

  • the weapons of Mass destruction fiasco
  • the removal of Saddam Hussein and the destabilizing of the Middle East
  • The rise of ISIS as a consequence of destabilizing the Middle East
  • The war in Syria and the world refugee crisis

Yet, nobody looks back in horror and thinks, oh no, not another Bush in the Whitehouse!

Like a bull in a china shop? Maybe Bush in a china shop is more appropriate...just sayin'

and...Ronald Reagan contemplated "Star Wars" strategy
and...JFK was on the verge of nuclear war during the Cuban missile crisis...
and...Johnson escalated the Vietnam war into Cambodia with the advice of Kissinger...
and...Nixon and Watergate

and ...Hillary Clinton thought of using a drone to kill Julian Assange

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