Friday, August 26, 2016

Burkini or Not?

I've been ranting against Islam on this blog for many years.

The Burkini fiasco in France is nothing less than a clusterfuck of humongous proportions.

The French have realized too late that letting in Muslims was a huge mistake.

The French policy of banning burkas in public was the first attempt to restrain the influence of Islam's very public profile. Muslims tend to make increasing demands over time to accommodate their religious beliefs which are diametrically opposed to democracy and secular society.
Banning the burka was a first attempt to put a halt to the Islamization of France. The intention is clear but the ridiculous outcome of forcing Muslim women to remove the burkini/burka on a public beach reeks of overtones of a Monty Python sketch. Absurd, ridiculous and divisive it is also antagonistic and counter productive to the intention of the no burka policy.

What it isn't about is women's rights. Nobody gives a flying fuck about women's rights, it is about Islam pure and simple.

My local swimming pool has days when a curtain is placed around the pool to allow Muslim women their privacy.

Maybe bringing back bathing boxes is a way to overcome the burka ban dilemma on French beaches.

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