Tuesday, August 02, 2016


Save the planet
Save the whales
Save the Amazon forest
Save the endangered species
Save the Children
Save the children from child labour
Save the elephants
Save the tiger
Save the giant panda
Save the Great Barrier Reef

Ok, there are 16306 endangered species so I won't bother listing all of them.

What is even more incredible (to me anyway) is the solution, which is send money.
Now, when it comes to money, a few billionaires including the likes of Bill Gates could easily provide enough money, whatever enough means, to solve the world's problems, don't you think?

So, if you are one of those do gooders, who feels the need to contribute in a small way towards saving (this that or the other) by contributing hard earned $, maybe you are just fooling yourself into thinking that individuals in a combined effort (read money) can actually change the world.

Maybe, maybe but I'm not convinced.

Me? I can't control the course of my own life let alone think it's possible to influence world wide events global warming or the Amazon rain forest or endangered elephants/gorillas/tigers...

Just saying my two cents worth.

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