Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trump and the end of the World

To all those prophets of doom who forsee disaster looming since Donald Trump was voted President of the United States.

Can Trump up the ante on George Bush who has created turmoil in the Middle East, and as a consequence given birth to Isis/Daesh as a result of removing Saddam Hussein and destabilized Syria as a consequence?

Can Trump up the ante on the GFC during Bill Clinton's administration?

Trump has no economic credentials, so can he create an economic crisis to equal that created by Ronald Reagan?

Can Trump equal the acheivement of Jimmy Carter who stood by and watched as Ayatollah Khomeni rose to power and financed world terrorism in the name of Islam?

Can Trump rise to the occassion and create a fiasco equal to Lyndon Johnson's Vietnam war that spread into Cambodia?

Yes, Donald Trump has big shoes to fill.

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