Friday, October 18, 2013

QuiBids Warning!!

I read about the new auction site called QuiBids. I was curious enough to give it a try.

In the process of registering, they ask for credit card details. That's because everytime you bid, you are charged 60cents. OK, so far since I haven't started bidding yet, I'm just registering so I can see what's happening.

I've read the Terms and Conditions. Specifically here is the paragraph on Registering.
You may register only once with QuiBids and You must provide a postal address where You reside (P.O. boxes or similar arrangements are not permitted). You agree not to have more than one account. You must not provide misleading information when registering.You must not collude to exchange information with other QuiBids users. Your chosen username must not be offensive, rude, disparaging, or intended to deceive or delude other QuiBids users. Your username must not advertise for other websites or services or otherwise violate the intellectual property rights of any third party.
If Your username is illegal or in breach of these Terms & Conditions, Your user account may be frozen until You change the username. QuiBids also may permanently close Your account without prior notice to You for violating these Terms & Conditions.
You are responsible for keeping Your user account password confidential. QuiBids will never ask for Your password except during login. You should never provide Your password to anyone, including QuiBids' employees. User accounts are non-transferable. Only You may use Your user account. You agree to be liable for all offensive or unlawful activities that are undertaken using Your user account.

 I was extremely peeved when I noticed I had been billed $72 + 10% tax and I hadn't even finished the registration process. I didn't even make my first bid!
There was no warning or information in the Terms and Conditions that this would happen when I registered. 
It is very deceptive business practice and I don't like it. I've asked for a refund and I'm waiting for a response from QuiBids.

Don't be caught out by this mob!

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