Saturday, August 30, 2008

Amazing fractal art

Fractal art seems to be evolving, or should I say the artists are developing their techniques to explore new horizons. I find their work exciting and amazing.

You can see more at

BTW, Doug Harrington has all rights reserved to his artwork but I hope he doesn't mind me promoting him. See him at
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Jeannie said...

Absolutely gorgeous. Please do a repeat of this post in another year and one month. Because this is something I think I could get into but have no time now.

I may try to capture a look like this with paint though in the meantime - I think my daughter would like it for her bare walls.

none said...

There are some cool fractal creating programs out on the web if you try and

I used to have great fun changing the hundreds of parameters by a degree or so and seeing the wild variations that would result.

Anonymous said...

Those are very cool. Thanks for mentioning as I'd never heard of these before!