Monday, July 13, 2009

I've often wondered why there are so many ugly people versus beautiful people. The beautiful are so few that life seems to favor them with success and opportunities.
Then I read this scientific article that tells me that ugly men produce more sperm than attractive men. The reason being that attractive men have more opportunities for sex so they don't value the sex as much as the ugly men, who making most of a rare opportunity produce as much sperm as is possible.

It's not appropriate for my humble self to question scientific research but how does somebody know they are attractive or should I say, how does the sperm factory recognize this fact?

So, the fact that I don't have any children can only mean one thing, I'm extremely attractive.
I assume that any man who has lots of children is extremely ugly and extremely fertile.
On the other hand we could interpret this as me being so ugly that I've never had sex.

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Jeannie said...

The ugly person doesn't get as much sex, therefore, his sperm count is very high.

The good looking guy gets lots of sex and his glands can't keep up with the demand so the count goes down.

Case solved.

Anonymous said...

1-2-3... 3.

Damn, I'm good looking! ;-)

none said...

I guess if a guy is really really ugly his sperm can crawl out the sewer and up into the streets inmpregnating random chaste women

Anonymous said...

I saw that movie... Ghostbusters II!

nanc said...

if you close your eyes - everyone's ugly. or pretty.