Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Meaningful Outcomes

I'm not sure how to express my wrath because nothing I say will be enough to convey the depths of despair and frustration I feel every time I recall hearing this phrase used Meaningful Outcomes.
It's been floating around for a while, I think it originated with the cabal of those who create new trends in Education and foisting it upon our innocent children.

The context in which I heard
Meaningful Outcomes. used was on talkback radio, a Mayor was being interviewed regarding the problem of Aborigines behaving in a drunk and disorderly manner in the streets. The Mayor's response was that the problem wasn't alcohol, the issue was being addressed in such a way as to provide Meaningful Outcomes.

This is when my head started spinning, I nearly choked on my own indignation.
The more I think about it, the more I have visions of George Orwell's book Nineteen Eighty Four
and specifically the distortion and abuse of language and it's meaning in a sinister and obscene way.

What is ironic is that those responsible for educating the next generation have taken upon themselves the task of screwing up our minds to the point where we cannot think about issues without resorting to
clichés to disguise the fact that our minds are empty.

Quite frankly, the chickens have come home to roost. When I hear phrases that are empty as they are meaningless used in the context of a social problem, when I hear a discussion as empty of ideas as a pile of shit using the phrase Meaningful Outcomes, then I know we are in trouble.

Consider the possibility that there is such as thing as Meaningless Outcomes as opposed to Meaningful Outcomes. Or even Meaningful Non-Outcomes. If such concepts actually make sense to you then maybe you should be talking under water.

Maybe we should look for Meaningful Outcomes to global warming...
Meaningful Outcomes to world poverty...
Meaningful Outcomes to the search for life in the Universe...
Meaningful Outcomes to internet porn...


Avi said...

Another great cliche is finding the root cause of terror- which is in the mind of the dhimmi leftards poverty!
I'll link to you if you link to me.

none said...

Meaningless psycho-babble,nonsense words and people spewing meaningless garbage has been going on since the mid 80's. You should hear the kind of mindless junk that floats around in a corporate meeting.

You're right, it is like 1984.

Anonymous said...

..."making sense of the Virginia Tech massacre." That was on the cover of Time magazine the week of the murders. How exactly does one make sense of such a senseless act? Dumb shit media.

Your Abos are our blacks. Totally useless to society.

Jeannie said...

too true - that shit drives me nuts

Stucco said...

What's a "dhimmi leftard"?

Lexcen said...

bar kochba, thanks for your comment, it appears from your blog that you are a very religious person, I hope my rantings against all religion aren't offensive to you. Links are always welcome and appreciated.

Hammer, we really are living in George Orwell's nightmare.

Intol, are we outnumbered yet?

Jeannie, we must stand up to the bullshit-speak that is preventing people from thinking about issues.

Stucco, "dhimmi" refers to the underclass of non-muslims in Muslim controlled society. "leftard" is an abbreviation of left ideology and retard. See also "fucktard".

Anonymous said...

The Orwell nightmare is indeed on the horizon. Not here yet, but the ground work is set in motion. Tracking each and every one of is almost a done deal. Our new homes are almost ready...very nice cement floored internment camps being shined up at closed down military bases. Future generations will curse us for our inaction.

southfield_2001 said...

bar - the root cause of terror is the hatred that pervades many muslim and most arab societies combined with ignorance.
It's a simple formula even if the left refuses to admit it. I love when the excuse of poverty is used. Bullshit! Impoverished people, if they rise up at all, rise up against those that impoverish them - namely their own leaders, not nations thousands of miles away.