Friday, November 10, 2006


Jos has a post about internet addictions.
Hammer has a story about online game addictions.
There must be something in the collective psyche about addictions happening.

There is no such thing as a healthy addiction.
In fact, certain personalities are prone to addiction, they just need to be exposed to the source of the addiction and in no time they are hooked.

Whether it is gambling, alcohol, games, sex, pornography, internet, the addict will become possessed by their addiction, an insatiable craving for more.

Addiction is a psychological condition which is not understood by medical science.
Alcoholics have only one avenue open to them, the self help group of Alcoholics Anonymous.
The solution is absolute abstinence. Not much joy if you enjoy the taste of alcohol.
Not much joy if you socialize and don't drink. If you think this is easy, try it. This is the dilemma facing the alcoholic. Exist like a pariah within the social scene or give in to indulgence and excess.

Then there's the adrenalin junkie. People who are hooked on the rush that only adrenalin can give. Maybe it's triggered by stress, maybe by physical activity, maybe by danger. It's all the same as long as the adrenalin is flowing. We usually see this behaviour in sports fanatics and extreme sports activities. People who feel the need to climb Mount Everest for example.

Let's not forget the love junkie, the person who is constantly in and out of relationships because there's nothing more exhilarating than the feeling of walking on air when you're in love.
These people are always forming new and exciting relationships but as time passes, as the realities of the mundane aspects of life begin to intrude into the initial period of bliss, the relationship starts to crumble because the love junkie feels the onset of responsibility, the onset of commitment and begins to lose interest. The love junkie is usually someone who is promiscuous but not necessarily.

Look around you, how many addicts do you know?


Anonymous said...

I know quite a few people dependant on pills, alcohol, cigarettes, you name it. It is difficult for so many to find the balance between pleasure and responsibility, I think.

none said...

There are a lot of functioning addicts out there.

Luckily I was born without an addictive personality...or maybe I just can't ever finish what I start.

Anonymous said...

good thing I'm not an adrenalin junkie or the boss would be removing his chair from his ass daily. He didn't much like being backed in a corner last night that's for sure. I was hoping he's send me home to cool off but instead he just kept...never mind. This is its own blog post.

Little Lamb said...

Ooooh! I thought I was the only one. I have a hard time finishing what I start. I'm trying to finish what I start. At one time I was going to college and taking Office Skills Technology. I stopped going for about 2 years. Work sort of got in the way and I didn't feel like going. Something happened at work and now I'm back at it. I've got to stick with this, this time. I'm determined to finish up.

I think I have an internet addiction. I love my computer and I love being online. I think I'm more addicted to my computer though.

Lexcen said...

Lamb, I think there is a difference between obsession and addiction.
An addiction is an urge that controls every aspect of your life, every activity is centered around satifying that addiction, 24/7.
Not to forget that the addiction is never satiated.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Hmmm...Actually I don't have anyone around me who are addicted to anything...Strange....maybe we are idiots in stead, who are addicted to have the feeling of being in charge of our own body and mind???
Yes, that is what it is...I'm manic about the force of being in charge of myself in all situations.
Ha...I learned something new about myself.

Small Business USA said...

I was going to say I am addicted to many things but your comment made me think better. I cannot say I am addicted to anything, probably I was addicted to making money but it could have been necessity, I have 4 daughters...

ChrisinMB said...

I'm surrounded by addicts. Half my neighbors here seem to be alcoholics. It's very surprising really.

Also, almost all of the childhood/teenage friends to this day are alcoholics or drug users. Several are or have been in prison, one even living on the streets dying from AIDS, all due to drug abuse. I'm about the only one who kept clean & out of any serious trouble.

hehehe, maybe I was addicted to hanging out with losers in the past!

Anonymous said...

I was CEO of Life Education for a while ... this was the drugs and alcohol program started 25 years ago by Ted Noffs at the Wayside Chapel.

This is my favourite line on this topic .. "Recreational drugs are not recreational."