Friday, July 27, 2007

Drug Use - for the flavor

The latest research tells us (NOT ME, I've known this a long time) that heavy use of marijuana can trigger psychosis and schizophrenia. There will always be the doubters who claim this is inconclusive because the "statistics" are not showing the appropriate results.
I say screw the statistics. You only need to hang out with regular users to see the effects. Or does anyone really believe that those who manage to cook their brains into porridge actually participate in scientific research? These are people who are effectively off the radar. Professor KnowAll at University of Ivory Towers might disagree but so what?

People take drugs because it alters their brains. Too much mind altering chemicals ingested over time must have long term effects on the efficient functioning of the brain. This ain't rocket science, it's common sense.

There is another aspect to this culture of recreational drug use.
There is a psychological trait of certain people who are attracted to taking risks. People of an extroverted personality have been found to be drawn towards any activity that is considered dangerous. Warning these people about drugs is like raising a flag and waving it at them.

It seems that human beings are a strange lot. What other animal species actively seeks out danger for amusement?

I don't need to stress here that I've always been against drugs even after a mind blowing experience with some really potent weed. My excuse is that I couldn't possibly criticize something I had no experience of.
In the end, I have too much respect for my brain, it's my best asset. Why would I actively abuse it? Literally throw a spanner in the works just for fun?


Jeannie said...

I saw this report too - my take on it is similar to yours - the person who chooses to take the drug may be attempting to self-medicate an underlying condition. They may be prone to mental problems in the first place. The dope magnifies or trips it.

I'm with you - I saw first hand as a kid what dopers were like and said no thanks - I had a few sociable tokes here and there - and I owe my high school diploma to one evening sharing a joint with 2 friends - but it is certainly not a safe drug.

Ripple said...

Alcohol is worse.

Lexcen said...

Paul, I agree that alcohol is worse because my wife is an alcoholic. Still, that's another subject.

Ripple said...

Yes, it is. It's a drug isn't it? But marijuana definitely has it's problems. I'm not arguing, but my brain seems fine.

Theo said...

Drugs may well have all kinds of unhealthy side-effects, but does that automatically mean they should be illegal? By all means, protect our children, control the advertising thereof, ban drug driving, but that aside, adults should be able to do to themselves whatever the hell they want to.

Theo said...

Quite right. Not only is it ineffective, it actually costs precious public funds in futile enforcement efforts and lost taxes.

Legalise it, tax the hell out of it, control the quality... and let the dummies out there do the rest whilst we get on with our lives.