Sunday, February 17, 2008

What is the critical mass?

My initial theory gave a very conservative figure of 10% as the critical mass before immigrant Muslims would begin to exercise their influence to change the new homeland to suite their Muslim values.
Further research has shown this to be way off the mark where I should be looking at a figure closer to 5%.
My thinking goes something like this...
Look at which countries are experiencing the most protest by Muslims in Europe. Cross match the statistics and you get this...
Denmark 5%
France 8-9.6%
Netherlands 5.8%

The two countries which don't fit my theory are UK with only 2.8% Muslim population and Switzerland with 4.2%.

This means either the statistics are flawed for these two countries or there are other factors at work.

I refer readers to four part documentary on Eurabia here...

The last word by Muslims is this...
"We must not allow the freedom of speech ... to be used as a cover for assaulting the sensibilities and exalted moral and religious values which are respected by all of humanity," (ie Islam)

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