Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mumbai 2008

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11/27/2008 Afghanistan Kabul 4 18 A suicide car bomber takes out four local civilians outside the US embassy.
11/26/2008 Pakistan Peshawar 2 6 Two residents are killed when the Taliban fire rockets into their home.
11/26/2008 Iraq Samarrah 6 0 Six people are murdered by local Jihadists.
11/26/2008 Iraq Diyala 23 0 Twenty-three victims of sectarian terrorists are found in a mass grave.
11/26/2008 Philippines Makir 1 3 Moro Islamists ambush a group of local soldiers guarding a highway, killing one.
11/26/2008 India Mumbai 125 327 Mujahideen throw grenades and machine-gun nearly ninety civilians and tourists to death as they attack several sites, including a hotel, cafe, market and train station.
11/26/2008 Russia Vladikavkaz 1 0 A mayor is assassinated by local terrorists, who call him an "enemy of Allah."
11/25/2008 Pakistan Kohat 0 0 Four persons, including a mother and child, are killed when sectarian Jihadis fire into a vehicle.
11/25/2008 Iraq Mosul 2 5 Two Americans are shot to death while handing out humanitarian aid.
11/25/2008 Pakistan Matta 3 5 A butcher is among three people gunned down by the Taliban in separate attacks.
11/25/2008 Pakistan Hangu 4 9 Shia militants open fire in a hotel, murdering eight Sunni rivals.
11/25/2008 Somalia Baidoa 1 0 A local officer is shot several times in the chest by Islamists at a market.
11/25/2008 India Baramulla 1 2 A 14-year-old boy is killed when Islamists throw a grenade into a roadshow.
11/24/2008 Dagestan Karabudakhent 2 3 Muslim rebels open fire on a group of policemen, killing two.
11/24/2008 Thailand Yala 3 1 Islamists gun down three civilians and severely injure a teacher in separate attacks.
11/24/2008 India Doda 1 0 A civilian is murdered in his home by Muslim terrorists.
11/24/2008 Iraq Baghdad 13 6 Women and children are heavily represented in the thirteen bus passengers massacred by Mujahideen bombers.
11/24/2008 Pakistan Mingora 1 0 Religious extremists execute a woman in her home for immoral behavior.
11/24/2008 Iraq Baghdad 5 24 A female suicide bomber takes out five Iraqis.
11/24/2008 Pakistan Kabal 1 0 Mujahid assassinate a local political activist.
11/23/2008 Ingushetia Nazran 1 0 Islamic militants kill an off-duty cop at a grocery store.
11/23/2008 Iraq Muwaylaha 9 0 Nine kidnap victims of an Islamic milita are found in a mass grave.
11/23/2008 Chechnya Sadovyi 5 4 Mujahideen murder five security personnel and a civilian in two attacks.
11/22/2008 Afghanistan Ghazni 1 0 A local civilian is captured and shot to death by Sunni radicals.
11/22/2008 Afghanistan Kunar 0 0 After being held in captivity for three months, the Taliban execute a local official when their demands are not met.
11/22/2008 Afghanistan Khost 2 15 A 15-year-old boy and a man are blown to bits when Holy Warriors bomb a vegetable market.
11/22/2008 Iraq Iskandariya 10 0 Two women are among ten people found executed in a mass grave in a Sunni stronghold.
11/22/2008 Somalia Mogadishu 15 75 At least fifteen civilians are killed in attacks by Islamic militias on security forces.
11/22/2008 Pakistan Bannu 3 0 A Taliban rocket attack on a police post leaves three dead.
11/22/2008 Ingushetia Nazran 1 0 A cafe worker is gunned down by Muslim rebels.
11/22/2008 Pakistan Hangu 5 8 Two children are among five killed when Islamists set a bomb off inside a rival mosque.
11/22/2008 Afghanistan Kabul 1 1 Sunni extremists kill a French de-miner with a landmine.
11/22/2008 Pakistan Mingora 1 0 Religious extremists burn down a video store and shoot a civilian to death.
11/21/2008 Somalia Mogadishu 9 20 Five children are among nine civilians killed in a rolling series of attacks by Islamic militia in residential areas.
11/21/2008 Iraq Baghdad 3 15 Mujahideen take out three Iraqis with a roadside bomb.
11/21/2008 Afghanistan Zabul 3 4 Three civilians are blown to bits by a suicide car bomber.
11/21/2008 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan 11 40 Radical Sunnis gun down a Shia cleric, then bomb his funeral, murdering eight others.
11/21/2008 Iran Tehran 1 0 A 43-year-old businessman is tortured by police into a "confession" then executed as a spy.
11/21/2008 Pakistan Hangu 1 0 Religious extremists fire a rocket at a checkpoint, killing a policeman.
11/20/2008 Pakistan Bajaur 9 6 A suicide bomber enters a rival mosque and takes out nine innocents.
11/20/2008 Afghanistan Khost 8 13 A Fedayeen suicide bomber detonates outside an office building, sending eight Afghans to Allah.
11/20/2008 Iraq Kut 5 0 Sunni extremists invade a home and kill five residents, including children.
11/20/2008 Iraq Mosul 5 0 Two women are among five people murdered by terrorists while sitting in their vehicle.
11/19/2008 Yemen Joaar 5 0 al-Qaeda terrorists gun down four local cops and a civilian.
11/19/2008 Dagestan Buynaksk 1 0 A local cop is gunned down by suspected Muslim militants.
11/19/2008 Pakistan Islamabad 2 0 Two men are shot to death by Mujahideen along a city street.
11/18/2008 Iraq Baghdad 15 0 Fifteen bodies are found beneath a house controlled by the militia of a Shiite cleric.
11/18/2008 Thailand Pattani 2 0 Two Buddhists are shot to death by Muslim militants, who then mutilate the bodies and take amputated arms.
11/18/2008 Thailand Pattani 1 1 Mujahideen gun down a woman and her son on their way to work at a plantation.
11/18/2008 Thailand Yala 1 1 Islamists gun down a soldier shopping at a local market as well as his wife, who came to his defense.
11/17/2008 Thailand Narathiwat 1 1 A civilian is killed, and his 8-year-old daughter badly injured, when Islamic gunmen fire on their pickup truck.
11/17/2008 Afghanistan Kandahar 4 8 Religious extremists murder four civilians with a roadside bomb.
11/17/2008 Pakistan Swat 4 3 Four Pakistanis are blown apart by a suicide car bomber.
11/17/2008 Ingushetia Nazran 1 1 Islamic separatists shoot a married couple in their car, killing the man and putting his wife in the hospital.
11/17/2008 Afghanistan Dand 3 2 Three Afghans are murdered by a suicide bomber.
11/17/2008 Thailand Pattani 3 0 A 73-year-old woman is among three civilians murdered by Religion of Peace gunmen in separate attacks.
11/17/2008 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 44-year-old security guard is shot three times by Islamic terrorists while riding his motorbike.
11/17/2008 Afghanistan Farah 6 4 Talibanis ambush a group of local soldiers, shooting some and beheading others.
11/16/2008 Iraq Baghdad 3 6 Jihadis manage to kill three Iraqis with a roadside bomb.
11/16/2008 Thailand Yala 1 0 A young man is murdered outside his home by Muslim gunmen.
11/16/2008 Somalia Baidoa 3 10 A child and two women are blown to bits by Muslim bombers at a marketplace.
11/16/2008 Iraq Jalawla 15 20 A Fedayeen detonates himself in a crowd, sending fifteen innocent souls to Allah.
11/16/2008 Pakistan Anayat Kalley 1 0 A tribal elder is killed in a brutal ambush by a group of Taliban.
11/16/2008 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Islamists shoot a man to death outside a mosque.
11/16/2008 Somalia Mogadishu 2 2 Islamists open fire on a car, killing two businessmen.
11/15/2008 Iraq Tal Afar 9 40 Mujahideen plant a car bomb at a car dealership, killing nine employees and customers.
11/15/2008 Iraq Baghdad 3 25 Three people are killed when terrorists detonate a bomb near a theatre.
11/15/2008 Philippines Sarangani 2 0 Moro Islamists murder two local soldiers with a landmine.
11/15/2008 Somalia Yaqshid 2 0 Two civilians are killed during an ambush by Islamic extremists.
11/14/2008 Afghanistan Khost 3 0 Three construction workers are shot to death by Sunni extremists.
11/14/2008 Pakistan Ramora 2 0 A young man is forced by honor to kill his sister and her lover after finding them in a compromising position.
11/13/2008 Iraq Ramadi 4 3 A Fedayeen suicide bomber murders four people.
11/13/2008 Afghanistan Nangarhar 9 74 Islamic suicide bombers hit a livestock market, sending nine innocents to Allah.
11/13/2008 Philippines Mindanao 3 0 A 5-year-old boy is among three civilians killed by Moro Islamists during an assault.
11/13/2008 Dagestan Urguba 1 1 Suspected Islamists gun down a local cop at point-blank range.
11/12/2008 Afghanistan Kandahar 0 3 Three teenage schoolgirls are sprayed with acid for not wearing burqas.
11/12/2008 Afghanistan Kandahar 6 42 Six people are killed when a suicide bomber flattens a commercial district.
11/12/2008 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two Christian sisters are shot to death inside their home by Muslim militants.
11/12/2008 Pakistan Charsadda 6 15 A half dozen people are murdered by a Fedayeen suicide car bomber.
11/12/2008 Iraq Baghdad 21 87 Nearly two dozen Iraqis are successfully killed by Mujahideen bombers in three attacks.
11/12/2008 Afghanistan Farah 1 0 A religious cleric who condemned suicide bombings is kidnapped and executed in captivity by the Taliban.
11/12/2008 Pakistan Peshawar 2 0 An American humanitarian worker and his driver are murdered by Islamic radicals.
11/11/2008 Pakistan Peshawar 4 13 A suicide bomber murders four people outside a sports stadium.
11/11/2008 Thailand Yala 2 0 Two laborers are shot to death by Islamic militants in separate attacks.
11/11/2008 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A Buddhist civilian is shot to death at close range by Islamists.
11/11/2008 Thailand Pattani 2 0 A 79-year-old woman is murdered along with her son by Muslim terrorists as she is walking home.
11/11/2008 Iraq Baghdad 3 15 Mujahideen target newpaper vendors with bombs, killing at least three.
11/10/2008 Iraq Baghdad 30 68 Two Sunni suicide bombers massacre thirty Shia civilians outside a fine arts school.
11/10/2008 Thailand Narathiwat 1 5 Islamists kill a local soldier with a roadside bomb.
11/10/2008 Pakistan Orakzai 1 9 Sunni extremists fire on a passenger bus, killing one person.
11/10/2008 Dubai Umm Suqeim 1 1 A brother stabs his sister's lover to death in an honor killing. (The woman is also stabbed, but survives).
11/10/2008 Iraq Baqubah 7 12 al-Qaeda sends a 13-year-old female suicide bomber to a gathering where seven people are killed.
11/9/2008 Philippines Maguindanao 2 0 Two locals are abduted and shot to death by Moro Islamists.
11/9/2008 Algeria Jijel 1 0 Islamic fundamentalists murder a 52-year-old civilian.
11/9/2008 Afghanistan Herat 2 4 A suicide bomber yells 'Allah Akbar' then detonates along a highway, killing two Spanish soldiers.
11/9/2008 Philippines Pikit 2 3 A 12-year-old boy and 10-year-old girl are brutally gunned down by Islamic extremists.
11/9/2008 Iraq Fallujah 3 5 Two woman and a 10-year-old girl are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
11/9/2008 Pakistan Matta 1 0 A woman is pumped full of bullets after being found guilty of adultery by a Sharia court.
11/8/2008 Algeria Naciria 1 0 A young man delivering bread is shot and beheaded by Islamic fundamentalists.
11/8/2008 Somalia Jamame 1 0 A aid worker, whose agency helps construct roads, is murdered by Islamic militia.
11/8/2008 Somalia Lego 3 0 Al-Shabab terrorists kidnap and behead three local soldiers.
11/8/2008 Pakistan North Waziristan 2 0 Two civilians are abducted, then riddled with bullets by religious extremists.
11/8/2008 Iraq Ramadi 8 12 A double suicide bombing by Fedayeen leave eight Iraqis dead.
11/7/2008 Pakistan Mingora 2 11 Two local security personnel are dismembered by a suicide bomber.
11/7/2008 Afghanistan Ghor 1 1 Talibanis assassinate a local official.
11/7/2008 Iraq Baghdad 6 12 Two Jihad bombings leave six civilians dead.
11/7/2008 Pakistan Changa Manga 1 0 A 15-year-old girl is stabbed to death by her brother on suspicion of sexual relations.
11/6/2008 Pakistan Khar 22 45 Fedayeen suicide bombers take out over twenty people at a gathering of tribal elders.
11/6/2008 Algeria Cabilia 1 0 A popular mayor is kidnapped, executed and then burned by Islamic fundamentalists.
11/6/2008 Thailand Yala 1 0 The 47-year-old widow of a murdered man is herself gunned down by Muslim militants.
11/6/2008 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A young woman is shot to death by suspected fundamentalists over immoral activity.
11/6/2008 Russia Vladikavkaz 11 40 A female suicide bomber strikes at a marketplace busstop, murdering at least eleven passengers.
11/5/2008 Pakistan Waziristan 5 0 Five civilians are hanged by religious fundamentalists.
11/5/2008 Somalia Mogadishu 1 3 Islamic militia kill a local guard with a hand grenade.
11/5/2008 Pakistan FATA 1 0 Mujahideen abduct and murder a local official.
11/5/2008 Iraq Baghdad 6 12 Six people are blown to bits by a suicide bomber at an airport.
11/5/2008 Thailand Yala 1 0 A school janitor on his way to work is shot to death by Islamic extremists.
11/4/2008 Pakistan Hangu 7 6 Seven people are killed by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
11/4/2008 Thailand Narathiwat 1 72 Islamists bomb a marketplace and a tea shop, killing at least one innocent and injuring over seventy.
11/4/2008 Pakistan Mardan 2 2 Two policemen are shot at point blank range by Muslim militants.
11/4/2008 Iraq Baghdad 18 47 Eighteen Iraqis are killed in at least four Jihad bombings.
11/4/2008 Iraq Madaen 3 0 A woman and two children are killed when terrorists lob a mortar into their home.
11/4/2008 Pakistan Swat 1 0 The Taliban tie a policeman to a pole and shoot him to death.
11/4/2008 Thailand Yala 3 0 A 16-year-old boy is among three people ambushed and murdered by Muslim terrorists in separate attacks.
11/4/2008 Pakistan Orakzai 1 0 An elderly man is gunned down by Sunni extremists.
11/3/2008 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 0 Taliban gunmen murder a government official as he is riding a motorbike.
11/3/2008 Somalia Baidoa 1 0 A women's rights activist is shot twice in the head and chest in front of her business by Islamic hardliners.
11/3/2008 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A 66-year-old tea shop owner is shot to death by Islamic separatists.
11/3/2008 Iraq Buhriz 6 0 Four children are among six members of a family taken out in a brutal al-Qaeda bomb attack.
11/3/2008 Pakistan Kabal Khas 4 0 A father and son are among four people detained, then shot to death by Islamic radicals.
11/3/2008 Iraq Saadiya 2 0 Two women are kidnapped and murdered by suspected Sunni extremists.
11/3/2008 Iraq Baghdad 6 20 Jihadis manage to kill six Iraqis with a double bombing.
11/2/2008 Thailand Narathiwat 1 1 A Buddhist family is attacked by Muslim terrorists, who shoot the 72-year-old matriarch to death.
11/2/2008 Pakistan Zalai 8 3 A suicide bomber murders eight local soldiers at a checkpoint.
11/2/2008 Iraq Kirkuk 2 1 Two children are taken out by Jihadi roadside bombers.
11/2/2008 Somalia Baidoa 5 6 Fundamentalists kill five Somalis with a roadside blast.
11/1/2008 Pakistan Peshawar 2 0 Two residents are gunned down by Islamic militants.
11/1/2008 Iraq Basra 1 1 Jihadis take out a young child with a landmine.
10/31/2008 Pakistan Orakzai 4 3 Four people are killed in a sustained Taliban attack on their village.
10/31/2008 Pakistan Mardan 8 25 A suicide bomber walks into a home and detonates himself, killing at least eight other people.
10/31/2008 Thailand Pattani 1 1 A local man is shot to death by Muslim radicals.
10/31/2008 Afghanistan Helmand 4 4 Four local security forces are killed in two separate attacks by Sunni militants.
10/31/2008 Somalia Mogadishu 3 3 Islamists successfully kill three civilians in separate grenade attacks on two markets.
10/30/2008 India Assam 81 300 Harkat-ul-Jehadi-e-Islami terrorists massacre over eighty people in six deadly blasts across several towns.
10/30/2008 Afghanistan Kabul 5 23 A woman is among five people killed when a Muslim terrorist throws a bomb into an office building.
10/30/2008 Iraq Mosul 2 6 A random bombing along a traffic circle leaves two civilians dead.
10/30/2008 Pakistan Charbagh 1 0 The Taliban behead an abducted cop after holding him hostage for two days.
10/29/2008 Iraq Balad Ruz 3 14 al-Qaeda gunmen muder three children in their home.
10/29/2008 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Islamists shoot a 52-year-old man to death.
10/29/2008 Iraq Baghdad 5 17 Mujahideen bomb a soda fountain, killing at least five patrons.
10/29/2008 Iraq Baqubah 1 16 A 4-year-old child is murdered by Islamic bombers.
10/29/2008 Somalia Hargeisa 28 26 Five separate suicide bombings leave over two dozen innocent people dead in commercial areas across the city.
10/29/2008 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan 3 0 Three Shiite civilians standing at a bus stop are gunned down in cold blood by Sunni militants.
10/29/2008 Pakistan Bannu 2 11 Two local soldiers are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
10/28/2008 Sudan Darfur 3 0 Three Chinese engineers are murdered in cold blood by their Janjiweed kidnappers.
10/28/2008 Iraq Habaniya 2 3 A suicide bomber successfully takes out two Iraqis.
10/28/2008 Iraq Tal Afar 20 0 A mass grave containing twenty victims of al-Qaeda is discovered.
10/27/2008 Afghanistan Baghlan 3 6 An 8-year-old boy is among three people blasted to death by a suicide bomber posing as a policeman.
10/27/2008 Iraq Baghdad 5 19 Jihad bombers take out five Iraqis in two separate blasts.
10/27/2008 Pakistan Karachi 4 0 Four locals are shot to death by sectarian rivals as they leave a mosque.
10/27/2008 Somalia Kismayu 2 0 Islamists quote from the Qur'an as they stone a 13-year-old rape victim to death and kill a young boy coming to her defense.
10/27/2008 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Islamists are suspected in the shooting death of a wood trader on his doorstep.
10/26/2008 Pakistan Khyber 1 0 A tribal elder is shot to death by religious extremists.
10/26/2008 Somalia Mogadishu 2 2 Two people are killed in an Islamic militia bombing.
10/26/2008 Pakistan Sambat 3 0 Fundamentalists target a barbershop, killing three civilians.
10/26/2008 Pakistan Mohmand 11 5 A Fedayeen suicide car bomber murders eleven people at a check point.
10/26/2008 Pakistan North Waziristan 5 0 Five civilians are brutally beheaded on video by al-Qaeda members.
10/26/2008 Somalia Saydheelow 5 15 Five local soldiers are killed in an ambush by Islamic militia.
10/26/2008 Somalia Mogadishu 6 3 Three civilians are among six people killed in a Mujahideen landmine attack.
10/26/2008 Pakistan Matta 11 62 Eleven innocent people are killed during a botched kidnapping attempt by the Taliban.
10/25/2008 Pakistan Wah 1 0 An 18-year-old girl is shot to death by her older brother on suspicion that she was having sex.
10/25/2008 Somalia Gurilel 1 0 A female activist for women's rights is murdered by suspected fundamentalists as she is walking home.
10/25/2008 Afghanistan Kabul 2 2 Two civilians are shot to death in their office by a Sunni radical.
10/25/2008 Thailand Pattani 1 4 Muslim militants gun down a police officer.
10/24/2008 Chechnya Serzhen-Yurt 1 10 Mujahideen use a landmine to murder a local security officer.
10/23/2008 Pakistan Mingora 1 0 Sunnis abduct and behead a policeman.
10/23/2008 Pakistan Orakzai 8 0 Religious extremists force a car off the road, then shoot the eight occupants to death one by one.
10/23/2008 Israel Mingora 1 1 An 86-year-old Jewish man is stabbed to death at random by a Palestinian attacker.
10/23/2008 Iraq Baghdad 10 22 A Fedayeen suicide bomber detonates in the middle of rush hour, killing ten commuters.
10/23/2008 Iraq Kut 3 2 Three children bleed to death after their house is hit by a Jihadi mortar.
10/23/2008 Philippines Cotabato 2 0 Two game hunters are shot to death by Moro Islamists.
10/23/2008 Afghanistan Helmand 0 1 The Taliban rip out a farmer's eyes in front of his family.
10/22/2008 Pakistan Khyber 2 0 Two children are killed when Lashkar-e-Islam open fire at a checkpoint.
10/22/2008 Pakistan Swat 15 20 Sunni radicals take out fifteen local troops with a bombing on their convoy.
10/22/2008 Thailand Yala 1 0 A 40-year-old garbage truck driver is shot to death by Muslim extremists while riding to work.
10/22/2008 Iraq Qaim 34 0 Two women are among thirty-four al-Qaeda kidnap victims found executed in a mass grave.
10/22/2008 Iraq Mosul 4 3 Four people are taken down by Mujahideen bombers.
10/22/2008 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two Christians, a father and son, are shot to death by Islamic radicals.
10/21/2008 Iraq Latifiya 9 0 The bodies of nine people abducted and murdered by Jihadis are found in a grave.
10/21/2008 Pakistan Sersenai 2 6 Two people are murdered by Mujahideen bombers along a highway.
10/20/2008 Thailand Narathiwat 2 6 Islamists pepper a truck returning from a sporting event with machine-gun fire, killing two occupants.
10/20/2008 Dagestan Makhachkala 5 10 Muslim militants ambush and kill five police officers in two attacks.
10/20/2008 Thailand Pattani 3 0 Three men sitting in a house are murdered by Muslim radicals, who shoot through the walls to kill them.
10/20/2008 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A civilian is shot to death by Islamists.
10/20/2008 Iraq Baghdad 4 8 Mujahideen kill four civilians with two bombs, one an attack on a bus.
10/20/2008 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 A female aid worker is shot to death by Sunni extremists over fears that she was sharing her Christian faith.
10/20/2008 Afghanistan Kunduz 7 0 Five children are among seven people blown to death by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
10/20/2008 Somalia Hudur 1 0 An aid worker for UNICEF is gunned down by fundamentalists.
10/19/2008 Pakistan Swat 1 0 A roadside ambush by the Taliban leaves one local soldier dead.
10/19/2008 Iraq Baghdad 2 15 Mujahideen bombers take out two civilians.
10/19/2008 Iraq Balad 5 3 al-Qaeda gunmen attack a family home, killing five people.
10/19/2008 Thailand Yala 1 0 A 60-year-old rubber tapper is shot to death by Muslim militants while returninig from work.
10/19/2008 Pakistan Khyber 1 1 A woman is killed when Islamic militants bomb a marketplace.
10/19/2008 Thailand Pattani 1 1 Islamists murder a 1-year-old baby when they fire into his home.
10/19/2008 Somalia Hudur 1 0 Islamic militia shoot a UNICIF worker twice in the head as he is drinking tea with relatives.
10/18/2008 Thailand Pattani 1 2 Radical Muslims shoot at a family, killing the father and seriously injuring his wife and 5-year-old child.
10/18/2008 Ingushetia Muzhichi 2 5 Islamic militants ambush and kill two local soldiers.
10/18/2008 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A young laborer is gunned down by Mujahideen.
10/18/2008 Iraq Samarra 11 0 Eleven Iraqis kidnapped a year earlier by sectarian Jihadis are found in a mass grave.
10/18/2008 Jordan Aqaba 1 0 A man is forced to kill his sister for leaving the house without his permission.
10/18/2008 Iraq Baquba 1 4 A woman is taken out by Mujhideen bombers. Four family members are badly injured.
10/18/2008 Afghanistan Kandahar 2 0 A father and son are shot to death by Sunni radicals outside a mosque.
10/17/2008 Iraq Baghdad 3 7 Jihadis set off a bomb near a mosque, killing three civilians.
10/17/2008 India Jaipur 0 1 A 'conservative Muslim' sets an 11-year-old girl on fire for wearing lipstick and being inappropriately dressed.
10/17/2008 Somalia Merka 1 0 A humanitarian worker is shot to death by suspected fundamentalists.
10/17/2008 Iraq Kut 1 0 Suspected fundamentalists shoot an unmarried pregnant woman to death.
10/16/2008 Afghanistan Paktika 1 0 A radicalized policeman stages a surprise suicide ambush on a group of US soldiers, killing one.
10/16/2008 Algeria Algiers 1 0 A young boy is kidnapped and beheaded by Islamic extremists.
10/16/2008 Pakistan Miranshah 1 0 An Afghan refugee is brutally beheaded by the Taliban.
10/16/2008 Iraq Buhriz 1 1 A 6-year-old shepherd boy is murdered by Mujahideen bombers. Another child is injured.
10/16/2008 Pakistan Swat 5 15 A Fedayeen suicide car bomber rams into a police station, killing five Pakistanis.
10/16/2008 Afghanistan Maiwand 31 0 Thirty-one passengers on a bus are stopped by the Taliban and calmly machine-gunned and beheaded.
10/15/2008 Afghanistan Lashkar Gah 6 0 Six local police are taken out in a brutal Taliban ambush on their checkpoint.
10/15/2008 Pakistan Swat 3 0 Three people, including two brothers, are killed in two Jihad shooting attacks.
10/15/2008 Pakistan Swat 2 0 The Taliban enter a home and murder a husband and wife.
10/15/2008 Iraq Baghdad 7 18 A Mujahideen bomb blast and separate mortar attack on a mosque leave seven civilians dead.
10/15/2008 Algeria Setif 3 2 Fundamentalists murder three local guards with a bomb attack.
10/15/2008 Jordan Amman 1 0 A Muslim man shoots his 16-year-old daughter to death over concerns that she has had sex.
10/15/2008 Iraq Karbala 22 0 A mass grave is discovered containing the bodies of twenty-two abducted shepherds
10/14/2008 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 0 Religious extremists assassinate a government official who aids war widows.
10/14/2008 Afghanistan Uruzgan 9 6 Two children are among nine civilians murdered when Taliban bombers target a minibus.
10/14/2008 Philippines North Cotabato 1 0 Moro Islamists attack a Christian village, killing one civilian and driving many families from their homes.
10/14/2008 Pakistan Kabal 1 0 Sunni extremists abduct, torture and behead a local soldier.
10/14/2008 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 Islamists murder the driver of an aid agency.
10/14/2008 India Poonch 2 0 Mujahideen kill two local soldiers in separate ambushes.
10/13/2008 Afghanistan Ghazni 6 2 Religious extremists take out six civilians with a roadside blast.
10/13/2008 Pakistan Darra Adam Khel 1 4 A sudden Sunni rocket attack leaves a local security staff member dead.
10/13/2008 Somalia Mogadishu 2 23 Two African Union mission members are killed when Muslim militia attack their vehicles.
10/13/2008 Pakistan Murid Wal 1 0 A young man is forced by honor to kill his mother when she refuses to break off an 'illicit' relationship.
10/12/2008 Iraq Baghdad 9 11 Nine people are blown apart by a Jihad car bomb.
10/12/2008 Iraq Mosul 5 11 Mujahideen bombers kill five Iraqis.
10/12/2008 Afghanistan Khost 2 3 A woman and child are killed when the Taliban fire a rocket into their home.
10/12/2008 Iraq Mosul 1 1 A Christian business owner is gunned down in his music store by Islamic fundamentalists.
10/12/2008 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Islamists shoot a man to death in front of his 8-year-old daughter.
10/12/2008 Somalia Kismayo 1 0 Islamists brutally machine gun a man to death as he is being released from prison.
10/12/2008 Pakistan Khyber 3 0 Three men are shot to death by suspected Islamic radicals.
10/11/2008 Pakistan Mailsi 1 0 A man is tortured and murdered by his girlfriend's son over illicit relations.
10/11/2008 Iraq Mosul 3 0 The bodies of three Christians are discovered following their abduction by Islamic radicals.
10/11/2008 Philippines Sultan Kudarat 5 5 Moro Islamists attack a Christian village, killing five innocents and kidnapping two others for use as human shields.
10/10/2008 Pakistan Orakzai 82 160 A Fedayeen bomber sends over eighty souls to Allah at a tribal meeting.
10/10/2008 Afghanistan Khost 2 3 Two people are blown up by a Taliban suicide bomber.
10/10/2008 Iraq Baghdad 12 26 Twelve Iraqis are murdered by Jihadi bombers at a commercial center.
10/10/2008 Iraq Mosul 39 53 Mujahideen successfully kill about forty Iraqis with two marketplace car bombings.
10/10/2008 Pakistan Charbagh 1 0 Sunni hardliners burn down two girls schools and shoot a citizen to death.
10/10/2008 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two Christians are shot to death by Islamists at a roadblock after being forced to identify themselves.
10/9/2008 Afghanistan Uruzgan 6 9 Women and children are among the casualties during a shooting attack by religious extremists.
10/9/2008 Iraq Udhaim 4 5 Two children are among four family members wiped out by Jihadi bombers.
10/9/2008 Iraq Tal Afar 2 3 Mujahideen bomb a restaurant, killing two patrons.
10/9/2008 Iraq Habaniya 3 8 A suicide bomber successfully takes out three Iraqis.
10/9/2008 Pakistan Islamabad 10 21 Four schoolgirls are among ten people killed in a Mujahideen bombing.
10/9/2008 Pakistan Bajaur 4 0 Four tribal elders are abducted and beheaded in the name of Allah.
10/8/2008 Lebanon Ain al-Helweh 1 0 Suspected fundamentalists gun down a Fatah activist.
10/8/2008 Iraq Baquba 10 19 A female Fedayeen murders ten Iraqis outside a courthouse.
10/8/2008 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two more Christians are murdered by Muslim extremists in separate attacks.
10/7/2008 Somalia Beledweyne 1 0 Islamic militia are suspected of shooting a peaceful negotiator in the head at a marketplace.
10/7/2008 Thailand Narathiwat 1 1 Militant Muslims murder a man sitting in his pickup truck. The victim's teenage son is severely injured.
10/7/2008 Iraq Mosul 2 0 A Christian man and his elderly father are shot to death at their workplace by Religion of Peace radicals.
10/7/2008 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Islamic extremists enter a Christian pharmacy and kill the owner.
10/7/2008 Algeria M'sila 2 0 An army major is killed when fundamentalists booby-trap the dead body of another man kidnapped and murdered earlier.
10/6/2008 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A disabled Christian is abducted from his shop by Islamists and then shot to death.
10/6/2008 Somalia Mogadishu 17 35 Children are among the seventeen civilians killed at a marketplace following an al-Shabab mortar attack.
10/6/2008 Somalia Merka 1 2 Islamic milita attack a humanitarian vehicle, leaving one worker dead.
10/6/2008 Pakistan Punjab 17 60 Holy Warriors strike a party held at a home. Seventeen people are blown to bits.
10/5/2008 Iraq Mosul 1 1 Fundamentalists gun down a butcher in his shop.
10/5/2008 Egypt al-Tayeba 1 3 A 19-year-old Christian is shot to death by a Muslim mob.
10/5/2008 Iraq Zanjili 4 6 Terrorists attack a funeral with automatic weapons, killing four innocents.
10/4/2008 Somalia Baidoa 1 0 A man strolling through a market is shot five times in the chest by Islamic militia men.
10/4/2008 Thailand Pattani 2 0 Two local soliders are brutally executed by Muslim radicals.
10/4/2008 Iraq Mosul 4 0 Islamists enter a Christian store and murder the owner. Three tortured and executed kidnap victims are found elsewhere.
10/4/2008 Iraq Tahrir 1 0 A 15-year-old Christian boy is shot to death by Mujahideen while standing outside his home.
10/4/2008 Ingushetia Rostov-on-don 1 0 A cop is gunned down by religious extremists.
10/4/2008 Somalia Mogadishu 5 7 Five people are killed when Islamic milita lob mortars into the city airport.
10/3/2008 Algeria Theniet el-Had 6 0 Six local security forces are killed when armed fundamentalists open up with machine-guns on their vehicle at point-blank range.
10/3/2008 Afghanistan Kunar 1 4 Islamic militants gun down a civilian.
10/2/2008 Pakistan Charsadda 5 12 A suicide bomber invades a home, killing five people.
10/2/2008 Iraq Wajihiya 6 3 Women and children on a mini-bus are machine-gunned to death by Freedom Fighters.
10/2/2008 Iraq Baghdad 26 50 Sunni suicide bombers target two Shia mosques, slaughtering at least twenty worshippers.
10/1/2008 Iraq Balad 4 29 Four Iraqis are taken out by a Jihad car bomb.
10/1/2008 India Agartala 4 76 Harkat ul-Jihad-e-Islami is suspected in serial bomb blasts at civilian bus stops that leave at least four dead.
10/1/2008 Philippines Mindanao 3 12 Moro Islamists ambush a security patrol, killing three members.
10/1/2008 Somalia Baidoa 2 4 A child blown apart by an Islamist grenade, one of two people killed in separate attacks.
10/1/2008 India Doda 1 0 A shepherd is abducted by Mujahideen, who then slit his throat.
9/30/2008 Thailand Yala 2 0 Two young men in their 20's are gunned down in separate Muslim drive-by attacks.
9/30/2008 Iraq Mosul 2 0 A coffee shop employee and a woman are taken down by Mujahideen.
9/30/2008 Iraq Baghdad 4 9 Islamists bomb a movie theater, killing four Iraqis.
9/30/2008 Somalia Baidoa 1 4 A child standing along a city street is killed by Mujahideen bombers.
9/30/2008 Ingushetia Nazran 1 3 A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes out a local civilian.
9/30/2008 Pakistan Sadar 1 0 A woman is sprayed with acid and then set on fire by her in-laws in an 'honor' attack.
9/29/2008 Lebanon Tripoli 6 30 Six people are burned to a crisp, and thirty others injured by Islamic bombers targeting local soldiers.
9/29/2008 Pakistan Chatto Chowk 1 0 Fundamentalists bomb a music shop, killing a patron.
9/29/2008 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two brothers are gunned down by Sunni radicals.
9/29/2008 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Islamists shoot a 47-year-old man to death while he is shopping for groceries.
9/29/2008 Algeria Bomerdas 3 4 Suicide car bombers take down three innocent people.


Baconeater said...

The West should just burn Korans and nuke Mecca. Islam is a cancer on humanity.

Anonymous said...

The religion of peace strikes again.

Jeannie said...

Did you compile that or find it somewhere?

I wonder, is there similar data on White supremasist so-called Christians? It could be interesting to find out and compare.

They definitely have anger issues.

Anonymous said...

Right... you know how Christian mobs just love attacking mosques!

Lexcen said...

Jeannie, check out my source at Religion of Peace