Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Coming to a neighborhood near YOU!

Reading this intriguing bit of information I found that yes there are Halal McDonalds in UK and in Detroit, U.S.A.
I feel my support of culturism is being eroded before my very eyes.

Makes me wonder that maybe not all Muslims are intent to destroy the evil, corrupt west. After all where would they get their Macs from if that happened? Is Coke halal? What about fries? What about Cocahalal? Nice ring to it don't you think?

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Jeannie said...

Crazy. I guess those restaurants don't serve the regular breakfast sandwiches etc. I wonder if they use beef sausage or just leave it off altogether.

AZ said...

I've got to ask who's watching the slaughter house? In the U.S. they claim that no "downer" cattle will be processed for human consumption, but I've seen several undercover videos showing cows so ill they cannot stand being drug with forklifts into the slaughter house, so how do the Muslims know if their meat is really and truly halal? The Muslims may very well be duped just like the rest of us when it comes to meat quality.

Lexcen said...

AZ, I agree with you that hypothetically it might be possible to dupe the Muslims into believing that their Macs are Halal when they aren't. Of course, we would also have to consider the cost of offending Muslims if such deceit was discovered. Consider the flow on effect of offensive cartoons for example. What must be kept in perspective is the Muslim answer to anything that is offensive, disagreeable or insulting or hurtful is DEATH. Such an over- reaction isn't something western culture is familiar or comfortable with. That is the real consequence of allowing the permeation of Muslim values into western culture.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

Reminds me of my brother's tale of going to a McDonald's in Turkey.

Camel meat is disgusting, or so I'm told.

AZ said...

Opps! Dragged not drug!

Recently in Arizona a Muslim father ran over his own daughter with his car because he believed she was becoming to "westernized." That death was based on a thought, so messin' with their halal Macs is surely a death sentence, but who do you kill the slaughter house worker, the meat inspector, the guy who ground the meat , the fellow who tossed it on the grill, the 18 year old girl who wrapped the Mac and put in a bag for take away, or the CEO for allowing it to happen? My guess is the 18 year old girl.

Unknown said...

This is a sure sign of the times. MacDonalds has become halal. This means that I am being forced to eat Muslim food (if I wanna eat there). Burka clad serving women cannot be far behind.