Monday, October 19, 2015


Healthy food. What does this mean? It means not eating any processed food because all processed food tastes good because it has heaps of salt,sugar,fat or a combination of these basic ingredients, otherwise it tastes like shit.
Everytime I see this array of products on the supermarket shelf, I think, "salt,sugar,fat". 

I read this book and found it extremely disturbing. Of course it didn't change my eating habits. It took a heart attack soon afterwards to re-enforce what this book was trying to tell me. My health was very much linked to what I put in my mouth.

These days I'm much more careful as to what I eat because I want to be healthy and don't want to experience another heart attack.
I have to confess, my love affair with salt still irks me as food never tastes as good as it would with just a bit more salt...
And my love of cheese has been tempered with the fact that cheese is essentially fat.
No more potato chips.
Chocolate? I ration myself to a small dose per day. It's the best I can do since I love love love chocolate.

I've joined a gym and I've lost weight and I feel great.
What about YOU? 

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