Saturday, June 10, 2017

Time Travel 2

Having speculated on Time Travel in my previous post, I now delve further into the subject.

If you assume you can travel back in time, you assume that all points of time co-exist simultaneously. So that all events become points on a timeline, and all points are infinite in number as well as co-existing all the time. How else would it be possible to choose a point in time, say in the past and travel to that point? Think of all time as a continous line and events at a particular time as points on that timeline.
Imagine me sitting in my chair, typing away on my PC keyboard this minute. At some time in the future I would want to come back to this moment. This moment must be suspended on the timeline infinitely even though I move along this timeline.
If we could freeze time as well as travelling in time, we would exist in that moment of time we choose to visit and observe it in minute detail, walk around it and try to manipulate it.

Time is relative but time doesn't stand still or  suspend all events that occur along the timeline event horizon, waiting for a time traveller to come and visit any particular moment.

Time travel to me is a leap of the imagination but physically impossible.

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