Monday, July 09, 2007

Save the Planet

I mentioned in a previous post the biggest threat to the planet is people, too many of them. Too many of US.

Save the planet with compulsory one child only policy as in China.

Photo shows what can only be described as criminals who don't care about the fate of our planet. China has had a one child only policy for a long time.

Personally I practice what I preach, I got a vasectomy before I had a chance to have any children.


Little Lamb said...

There had to be a reason for you to do this.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

I heard they had removed that law in China, because someone said it was easier to make vasectomy on men, than sterilize women. Because it was the women they "cut short". The reason was that if the men divorced and maried again, he should have a chanse to give the second wife a child too.
(SIGH) What about the woman who married again?? Her husband should not be able to get his own child??

I'm with you, if the individual human takes the individual responsibility with common sence. That's the best.

none said...

Planet overcrowding is another myth.

The real problem is corrupt despotic governments.

Another problem in china now is there is no one to take care of elderly parents...a job that was traditionally reserved for the children.

ButterSnatch said...

The problems everyone is talking about could be solved quite easily.

Solution? Every nigger on the planet kills themselves at the same time.

No more hunger
No more crime
No more overpopulation
No more (insert most bad things on earth HERE

And besides the things listed above, most importantly... no more niggers!

Lexcen said...

Kirsten, it's really a very personal choice.

Hammer, bad governments have been around since Adam and Eve.

B/S, I was talking about pollution, greenhouse effect, climate change, and eventually dwindling oil reserves . All caused by too many people on the planet.

Anonymous said...

B/S has a solution I personally could live with quite well. Only problem would be reduced job security for law enforcement, prison guards, social workers, Drug cartels, malt liquor/Kool cigarette manufacturers...newspaper reporters, C.O.P.S. television series, nike, sports involving round balls, 9mm gun manufacturers, 9mm ammunition manufacturers, 21" low profile wheels and tires for Escalades, credit card companies, government check printing offices, unemployment offices, abortion clinics, AIDS research, Samsonite luggage...

Wipe all the niggers out and you've virtually solved the world's pollution problem.

Lexcen said...

Intol, unfortunately, solving America's problems won't solve the world's problems. One third of the world's population is Chinese. What do we do about the Chinese?

Anonymous said...

The population of the Chinese will take care of itself. Their government has no consideration for life and they will poison the masses with tainted or contaminated food sources. Their products are low grade crap, their food is grown in contaminated soil, and the rest of the world will ultimately reject their imports at some point. I do however like a good shrimp egg roll or a bucket of lo mein once in a while, so I hope the American buffet operators remain functional.

Lexcen said...

Intol, we have enough Chinese in Australia to form a new China. My local shopping centre is turning into a real Chinatown. I know where to get good, cheap Peking Duck.

Ripple said...

My wife won't accept my genes as viable. How screwed up is that? She wants artificial insemination, yet she wants to be with me. Life sure is weird.

Lexcen said...

paul f. I've been thinking about your comment and there's no polite way to ask this but what is wrong with your genes?