Sunday, September 06, 2015

Human Rights

Human Rights 
The right to go to any country of your choice if you want to, whenever you want to...because your own country doesn't meet your expectations. This includes to right to receive, refuge, food, housing and transportation to desired country.

Of course your new host country should respect your religion and make concessions to your religion because multi-culturism is correct. Your demands based on your religion should be granted because tolerance is a virtue.

And of course a passport should be granted in due course so that you can re-visit your god-forsaken country you fled from because you certainly have relatives still residing there. Family re-union rights? Of course, let's bring your remaining family members over to your new homeland. It's the right thing to do isn't it?

If after a few years you fail to integrate into the new culture of your chosen country of refuge, that's not your fault, it's the fault of the others.

Aren't Human Rights wonderful?

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

The Refugee Crisis, is it all Muslims?

There are many and varied opinions about the refugee crisis that is unfolding now world wide.

One question on my mind is this, what percentage of the total of refugees/boat people or whatever we call them are Muslims?

Others have asked the same question and hit a virtual brick wall on information.

See link below

Any opinion I express on this issue would be conjecture because I don't have the necessary data.

So, the implication is what you make of it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Illegal immigration Questions but No Answers

Sourced from

I don't know how accurate these statistics are, I cannot personally verify them.
If anyone bothers to ask themselves, what is happening? Why so many refugees all of a sudden? Why are most of them Muslim? Many people can speculate, others are overwhelmed by compassion and the desire to help. 
Further reading here
 In 2014, 170,000 persons landed in Italy (compared to 23,719 in 2002). Since January 1, 2015 25,000 illegals have landed in Italy, not to mention Greece and Spain. The figures are up 42% compared to 2014. In eighteen months 210,000 migrants have landed, 91% of them embarked from Libya, having arrived there from all of Africa. In 2015 Italy is expecting 200,000 refugees! No one will be turned away and these African masses, a majority of whom are Muslims, will then spread throughout all of Northern and Western Europe. Many will file (bogus) requests as political refugees. Those refused will never be expelled. They will stay and they will all receive aid and subsidies. All of this is known in all of Africa and it attracts crowds of illegals who take advantage of the imbecilic soft-heartedness of Europeans - rather, of the leaders, not the people who are never asked their opinion. 
250%: This is the rate of increase of illegal border crossings in the European Union from 2014 to 2015. Forced returns and expulsions are infinitely small in proportion. Sweeping over Europe, in 2014, 280,000 illegal arrivals were counted, 80% of them by sea, three times more than in 2013. All from Africa, the Maghreb, the Middle East. Frontex affirms that in Libya alone one million persons are "ready to sail to Italy."

Send a Message to Boat People

Monday, April 20, 2015

Taking the Piss out of the Iranians

Wearing a head scarf when it is only a symbol and not worn as intended...
That's really taking the piss. Or as the Americans might say, pulling their dick.

Andrew Bolt shouldn't be outraged, he should be laughing like I am. Look at the picture, her hair is clearly visible. Surprising she wasn't sexually assaulted or put in jail for flaunting convention.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Australia Day - Injustice is Forever?

The Australian aborigines have suffered injustice. That is a fact.
Australia Day is always a good opportunity to remind us of that.

My question is this, at what point does this historic injustice finally cease?

Is it going to go on forever? Will repatriation measures ever come to an end?

Consider this, the group known as aborigines has now expanded to include all descendants who have a % of aboriginal blood and can claim a link to aboriginal heritage. These are now known as Indigenous. Indigenous people usually do not appear to be aborigines, but we must not question this fact because apparently it is irrelevant. For example,someone that looks like Scarlett Johanssen who has, let us say, 1% aboriginal blood.

(Picture - Bindi Cole. Indigenous artist)

What is relevant is that Indigenous people have rights to privileges and compensation that were originally meant as compensation to aboriginal descendants for past historical injustice.

When we take on the policy that compensation must include all Indigenous people, then it becomes a self-perpetuating and infinite process, there is no end to injustice compensation.

(Larissa Behrendt) Professor of Indigenous Research and Director of Research at the Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning at the University of Technology, Sydney

Nothing to do with Islam by Pat Condell