Sunday, December 14, 2014

Define Useless and wasteful.

If the government can afford to do away with 175 agencies, then how many are there in total?
How many of the total remaining government agencies are actually doing something useful/necessary?

Nobody can waste money quite like a government.

Definition of "useless" - bureaucrats

Definition of "wasteful" - bureaucrats

Of course, we've not even scratched the surface when it comes to consultancy fees and how useless and wasteful they might be.

And, not to mention agency self-promotion with advertising and printed publications heralding their own success and achievement....useless and wasteful.

Don't forget consultants, advisers, committees, review boards...

Multiply all this with three tiers of government, Federal, State, local and that comes to a lot of snouts feeding at the trough at the public expense.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Burqa or Not?

Is the burqa a religious observance or a cultural affectation?

This question is important if we are to be clear on how to legislate when it comes to burqa/hijab and niqab.

First, let's make it perfectly clear that nowhere in the Koran is it specified that women should wear the burqa.

The word burqa is not to be found anywhere in the Quran, but as it falls under the heading of hijab which is used in Quran we should explore its use. The Arabic word hijab can be translated into veil or yashmak. Other meanings for the word include screen, barrier, cover(ing), mantle, curtain, drapes, partition, division, divider etc.The word hijab appears in the Qur’an seven times, five of them as “hijab” and twice as “hijaban”. See 7:46, 17:45, 19:17, 33:53, 38:32, 41:5, 42:51. None of these “hijab” words are used in the Quran in reference to what the traditional Muslims call today “the dress code for Muslim woman”. Hijab in the Qur’an has nothing to do with a woman’s dress code.
  If God willed to order the women to cover their heads, face or hair, He would have simply said, “Cover your head, face and hair.” God is neither vague nor forgetful! God does not run out of words. He does not wait for, nor need a scholar to apply the correct words for Him! God confirms that the Quran is complete and fully detailed (6:114/5).

Let's be clear on one thing, when we talk about the niqab (first pic) don't refer to it as the burka (third pic).

It is the niqab that is contentious.

Also the niqab is a cultural dress code, not strictly religious and definitely has nothing to do with race. It is not racist to criticize the niqab. And when the niqab is criticized, that has nothing to do with attacking the Islamic religion.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

American Freedom Defence Initiative

It's been quiet for too long...

Now we see the consequences of ignorance and denial...

It seems that Pamela Geller and her web site Atlas Shrugs which have been around for a long time have decided to raise their profile.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Climate Change March

"We must do something about climate change" is the rallying call these days.

Personally I'd aim for more modest goals such as putting an end to world hunger and poverty or maybe and end to all wars.

I accept there is climate change and probably it is caused by humans...

Do something? I'll wear a T-Shirt with "Save the Planet" on the front.

There, I've made a difference.

Is the "Islamic State" Islamic?

The question on every politicians mind around the world is this, is the Islamic State aka as ISIS and ISIL and in France which will now refer to them as Daesh, Islamic?

No doubt, the French who now have an Islamic population that has reached 10% are afraid to upset their "peaceful" Muslims but attacking Islam itself.

Other world leaders continue to refer to ISIS/ISIL as extremists and terrorists and radicals and whatever other adjective they can find while avoiding the more accurate word, FUNDAMENTALIST.

For those of you who would like to know more, read the Koran and read how Islam extended itself through war, terror and violence to become one of the major "religions" in the world.

Meanwhile, the Americans are going to use planes and no ground forces to destroy what is essentially an ideological movement.

Friday, September 19, 2014

ISIS in Australia?

Maybe ISIS isn't in Australia...yet. But lets look back and consider how long it's been that Islam has been considered as just another religion.

The most stringent advocates of the death cult seem to come from home grown citizens. That's people who are born and raised in Australia.

What has happened. I suggest we re-examine the role of Mosques and Madras schools in festering and promoting Islamic ideology. That's because there is nothing radical about ISIS. It is FUNDAMENTALIST ISLAMIC DOCTRINE put into practice.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.