Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trump and the end of the World

To all those prophets of doom who forsee disaster looming since Donald Trump was voted President of the United States.

Can Trump up the ante on George Bush who has created turmoil in the Middle East, and as a consequence given birth to Isis/Daesh as a result of removing Saddam Hussein and destabilized Syria as a consequence?

Can Trump up the ante on the GFC during Bill Clinton's administration?

Trump has no economic credentials, so can he create an economic crisis to equal that created by Ronald Reagan?

Can Trump equal the acheivement of Jimmy Carter who stood by and watched as Ayatollah Khomeni rose to power and financed world terrorism in the name of Islam?

Can Trump rise to the occassion and create a fiasco equal to Lyndon Johnson's Vietnam war that spread into Cambodia?

Yes, Donald Trump has big shoes to fill.

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Read this before going to Bali

Going to Bali, let your hair down, relax take it easy but don't trust anyone giving you something for free.
Trust me, this advice will make your holiday much more enjoyable.

There are vultures in Bali who target tourists with all kinds of false promises, what they are really doing is selling a time share type of product. You know, pay $$$ and get the chance for "free" accomodation for many years to come. Of course it's not free, you have to pay up front in the first place.

This group of scammers calls themselves the Odyssey Group but also is known as Karma group.
Ironic that all they offer is bad Karma.

At Bali Collection, a shopping complex in Nusa Dua, there is an official looking stand with a salesman standing there. I guess they have other methods such as guys standing around offering "free" this or that or prizes or "free vouchers" worth $$$ if you fill out a survey etc etc.
They lure people in with false promises, concocted stories that will convince you to let them take you to centre for a lengthy sales pitch. They pitch dreams to you but never mention the cost, that would draw everything to an abrupt close. So they try to wear down your resistance by taking however long it takes. When you are finally exhausted, they try to close the deal but not before.

"How much?" you ask.
"Don't know" they answer or "it depends..." that means it depends on how much they think they can squeeze you for. They ask a lot, I mean a lot of personal details and give you nothing as far as information goes. Whatever your dream is, they will promise to fulfil it.

For those who have been stung, there is no cooling off period in the contract, there is a yearly maintenance fee and accomodation is never available where and when you want it. They don't care because now they have your money and you are fucked! Good luck sucker!

The trick is not to go along to the sales pitch premises which is filled with vultures, literally the people there are hostile, aggressive, they give off bad vibes. If you do manage to end up there, run, run as fast as you can because the cost of a taxi will be well worth getting out of their clutches.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Burkini or Not?

I've been ranting against Islam on this blog for many years.

The Burkini fiasco in France is nothing less than a clusterfuck of humongous proportions.

The French have realized too late that letting in Muslims was a huge mistake.

The French policy of banning burkas in public was the first attempt to restrain the influence of Islam's very public profile. Muslims tend to make increasing demands over time to accommodate their religious beliefs which are diametrically opposed to democracy and secular society.
Banning the burka was a first attempt to put a halt to the Islamization of France. The intention is clear but the ridiculous outcome of forcing Muslim women to remove the burkini/burka on a public beach reeks of overtones of a Monty Python sketch. Absurd, ridiculous and divisive it is also antagonistic and counter productive to the intention of the no burka policy.

What it isn't about is women's rights. Nobody gives a flying fuck about women's rights, it is about Islam pure and simple.

My local swimming pool has days when a curtain is placed around the pool to allow Muslim women their privacy.

Maybe bringing back bathing boxes is a way to overcome the burka ban dilemma on French beaches.

Tuesday, August 02, 2016


Save the planet
Save the whales
Save the Amazon forest
Save the endangered species
Save the Children
Save the children from child labour
Save the elephants
Save the tiger
Save the giant panda
Save the Great Barrier Reef

Ok, there are 16306 endangered species so I won't bother listing all of them.,d.dGo

What is even more incredible (to me anyway) is the solution, which is send money.
Now, when it comes to money, a few billionaires including the likes of Bill Gates could easily provide enough money, whatever enough means, to solve the world's problems, don't you think?

So, if you are one of those do gooders, who feels the need to contribute in a small way towards saving (this that or the other) by contributing hard earned $, maybe you are just fooling yourself into thinking that individuals in a combined effort (read money) can actually change the world.

Maybe, maybe but I'm not convinced.

Me? I can't control the course of my own life let alone think it's possible to influence world wide events global warming or the Amazon rain forest or endangered elephants/gorillas/tigers...

Just saying my two cents worth.

Solving the Gun Problem Texas Style

I've always wondered to myself when I read about a mass shooting, where are all the gun toting citizens? Where are they to defend themselves against a mass murderer?

Texas has an answer, allow students (over 21) to carry guns on campus.

I now have this image in my mind.
A crazed gunman starts shooting on campus.
Gun toting citizens pull out guns and shoot gunman in self - defence.
Police turn up and start shooting anyone with a gun because they can't tell who is the perpetrator and who is the defendant.
You think this is highly implausible? Consider how many unarmed black citizens have been shot recently. Cops are definitely trigger happy, probably shitting themselves because too many of them have died from being shot by gun toting citizens.

Chances are there will be a real life scenario straight out of a Quentin Tarantino movie.

Monday, May 09, 2016

Rise of the Kleptocracy

Ever wondered how a Communist country like China (where the government owns most (if not all industry) has so many millionaires and billionaires?

I've also wondered why the property boom (bubble) refuses to burst in Australia whist the younger generation fret that they will never have a chance to afford their own home (an Australian dream)?

I've been nursing a theory about these two seemingly unrelated events.
In the wake of Mossak Fonseca revelations, it now seems quite a credible theory.

The kleptocrats are transferring their hoard of stolen public money into real estate. The kleptocrats of China for example, understand that the value of money can fluctuate but real estate ie Australia, as the name implies is REAL wealth with value that doesn't fluctuate.

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