Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses.

ISIS Terrorists in Egypt.

Did they blame Egypt for it's involvement in the Middle East?
Did they blame Egypt for supporting Jewish hegemony?
Did they blame Egypt for alienating it's Muslim youth in ghettos and unemployment?

C'mon now fucktards, stop thinking up excuses for terrorists when the fact is that evil is evil and there is no justification.

All these young men, blowing themselves up, shooting and killing innocent people on a random basis.
What is the solution?
They are frustrated losers, no prospects, no hope for a future, and I'm pretty sure they've never had a good fuck.
Sexually frustrated and angry young men gravitating towards a death cult that promises them 72 virgins after they die. Seems to me that they need a good fuck to rid them of their anger and frustration and desire to kill.

Monday, October 19, 2015


Healthy food. What does this mean? It means not eating any processed food because all processed food tastes good because it has heaps of salt,sugar,fat or a combination of these basic ingredients, otherwise it tastes like shit.
Everytime I see this array of products on the supermarket shelf, I think, "salt,sugar,fat". 

I read this book and found it extremely disturbing. Of course it didn't change my eating habits. It took a heart attack soon afterwards to re-enforce what this book was trying to tell me. My health was very much linked to what I put in my mouth.

These days I'm much more careful as to what I eat because I want to be healthy and don't want to experience another heart attack.
I have to confess, my love affair with salt still irks me as food never tastes as good as it would with just a bit more salt...
And my love of cheese has been tempered with the fact that cheese is essentially fat.
No more potato chips.
Chocolate? I ration myself to a small dose per day. It's the best I can do since I love love love chocolate.

I've joined a gym and I've lost weight and I feel great.
What about YOU? 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Friday Prayers Aftermath

Ever seen the connection?

Every week, somewhere in the world, after Friday prayers at the local mosque, there is bombing.

Don't believe me?

Just follow the news.

And somebody tell me, what is going on during those Friday prayers in the mosques?

Saturday, October 10, 2015


I've had enough of bullshit, that is, fucking with words and their meaning.

Racism, for example. These days this word has been hijacked to mean anti-Muslim sentiment.

Since when where Muslims a race?

Maybe Buddhists are also a race? Since when where Buddhists a race?

And...Catholics, are they a race?


Greek Orthodox?


Sunday, September 06, 2015

Human Rights

Human Rights 
The right to go to any country of your choice if you want to, whenever you want to...because your own country doesn't meet your expectations. This includes to right to receive, refuge, food, housing and transportation to desired country.

Of course your new host country should respect your religion and make concessions to your religion because multi-culturism is correct. Your demands based on your religion should be granted because tolerance is a virtue.

And of course a passport should be granted in due course so that you can re-visit your god-forsaken country you fled from because you certainly have relatives still residing there. Family re-union rights? Of course, let's bring your remaining family members over to your new homeland. It's the right thing to do isn't it?

If after a few years you fail to integrate into the new culture of your chosen country of refuge, that's not your fault, it's the fault of the others.

Aren't Human Rights wonderful?