Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Time Travel

I've been thinking about time travel for a long long time. Can we travel into the future? Can we travel into the past?
Many authors have imagined the ability to go back to the past and possibly alter the course of history.
Stephen Kings book titled 11/22/63 entertains the possibility of a time traveller stopping the assassination of JFK.
There are many scientific dissertations on whether such time travel is possible when the mathematics and physics laws allow.
To me, the answer to this question is simple and doesn't involve any science at all.

Consider the notion that time is relative, that all events already exist in space-time and our human perception of time is a very limited perception within the scope of the big picture...that is, what is possible in our universe.

So if the past, present and future exist simultaneously within space-time, wouldn't someone from the future have already come back in time and altered events/history? Consider how many events in human history would be candidates for modification. WW2 and WW1 come to mind. Humanity could well do without these events.
So, the fact that our history is as bloody and tragic as it is, I doubt that time travel from any point in the future is possible and if time travel is possible, it has no effect on altering events in the past.

The time travel paradox is another way of saying, time travel is not possible.


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