Saturday, September 16, 2006

Wollemi pine tree

Today I planted a Wollemi pine tree, I feel good about it.
These trees have only recently been discovered in a remote and secret location on the east coast of Australia (NSW).
Mine is one of the first released to the public since this unique tree was discovered a few years ago.
The Wollemi dates back to the era of dinosaurs. It exists only in one place in the world, in Australia.
The species has been around for 200 million years, since the Jurassic period. It is a living fossil

(click picture to enlarge)
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Pinky & the Brain said...

The website you have referred to mentions that there are fossil records of dinosaurs in Australia at that time before they became extinct globally around 65 million years ago, and that Paleontologists even say that it is likely that dinosaurs crossed paths with the Wollemi Pine and may have eaten Wollemi leaves…


Chris in Manitoba said...

If they want to protect this rare tree the government should propagate & distribute them freely.

I see it can survive to at least -5C, we get down to -35C, DAMN IT!

I would really like one. Perhaps it can be used as an indoor potted plant?

Lexcen said...

Hello Pinky & the brain, nice to hear from you. The thought of dinasaurs roaming the Australian continent shouldn't surprise us because they roamed the earth for millions of years. Humans have only existed for only a few hundred thousand years.

Lexcen said...

hi Chris, I like your suggestion but conservation does cost. I hope someday the Wollemi forest becomes open to the public. It's location is still a well kept secret.
As for indoor plant, who knows?