Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Election Violence

Scored dead in Kenyan poll clash, read the headlines. This started me on a train of thought about the frequency of violence during elections in other countries. Iraq is a typical example and this week we had the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. Democracy, what a concept?
Somehow I can't understand the passion and associated violence that goes with elections since I personally don't vote. Yes I am truly apathetic when it comes to politics because I'm 100% cynical about all political parties and politicians. I don't believe election promises and I don't suffer from delusions brought on by idolizing politicians who happen to be photogenic or charismatic. I can't see any politician or political party that has my personal interests in mind so why bother? Let alone get passionate enough to riot in the streets, cause mayhem, burn vehicles, throw bombs, kill and intimidate voters, all the good time stuff that makes a true democracy.
Post election violence in Kenya
Pre- election violence in Zanzibar
23 killed in Ethiopian election violence
7 die in Jamaican election violence
3 dead in Pakistan election violence
ANC election violence as campaigners beaten,arrested
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Police open fire on angry crowd in latest Egyptian election violence
Uganda: Risk of violence as election approaches
Election violence escalating in Philippines
Election violence kills 100 in Bas Congo
Afghanistan - Three journalists abducted,arrested and threatened in pre-election violence
Election violence in Thailand
Zimbabwean dies in election violence

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Jeannie said...

If things were bad enough where you lived, you'd probably care a lot more. But we live in one of the more fortunate countries where our politicians aren't out to shoot our asses for disagreeing. And while you are correct about politicians at the higher levels, many at the grassroots level do care - unfortunately, it's the ones passionate about being number 1 more than being a good leader that get to the top. It's a popularity contest. And I realized such contests were futile back in grade 8. Still, occasionally, I get out there hoping that worst won't happen.