Friday, February 29, 2008

Boring Meme

BEAJ wants to know six boring things about me. Well, he can only blame himself...
I apologize if any of these six items are of the slightest interest to anybody.

1. When I put my sox on, I always dress the left foot first

2. I no longer need to brush or comb my hair

3. I like to read myself to sleep

4 I have been known to laugh at my own jokes

5. I snore

6. I only have one remaining friend

I tag everybody in the known universe...


BEAJ said...

1. Right foot first.
2. Ditto
3. I watch TV to put me to sleep or on occasion have sex with my wife.
4. Ditto
5. Ditto
6. That is a tough one. No real best friends anymore since I moved from Toronto.

David said...

1. I spend too much time reading/watching newsreports about economic/financial matters.
2. I read cookbooks cover to cover and research why recipes are the way they are.
3. I can sit for several hours sipping whiskey/scotch while smoking a montecristo #3 (without saying a word).
4. I workout on the same machine at the same time everyday watching boring economic reports without saying a word.
5. I rarely taste meals I am preparing ( but I sniff the way it smells to determine seasoning on a regular basis - much to the dismay of those who see me cook ).

Hammer said...

Same here with 3,4,5,6

Patrick said...

I have to read the newspaper first.

Can't breath from my left nostril.

Always sleep on my left side.

Am totally infatuated with my wife.

I love mindless TV shows like Star Trek and Supernatural.

I hate, hate HATE Popsluts (Madonna, Spears and others).