Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'll Vote for That

Women demand right to go topless in public places.
I can't object to that.

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Hammer said...

As long as I'm not tripping over hanging boobs I'll agree.

Jeannie said...

Problem is - we don't all look like that.

I was sort of annoyed when Canada allowed women to go topless. I really think they should have changed the law and made men cover up too because frankly, some of them have bigger boobs than the ladies and well, it ain't attractive. I don't care what people do in their own back yard or at the beach or pool but I think everyone should be covered walking down the street and such. Even the buff runners.

Lexcen said...

Let's face it, ugly people look ugly no matter how many clothes they wear.On the other hand, the sight of one attractive woman can make looking at dozens of ugly people bearable. And yes, I have seen topless ugly women on the beach. There's no need to stare if you don't like what you see.