Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

I found these resolutions on a blog.
I think they're really good so I steal them and use them as my own. Feel free to use them....

1. Disarm fears, promote pleasure, and reduce suffering.

2. Inspire others to find worthwhile things to create.

3. Support actions that are fun & profitable for everyone.

4. Improve the connectivity & understanding in the worlds you want to prosper.

5. Never stop learning.

6. To live instead of exist.

7. Make a difference.

8. Be a better friend.

9. Share things some women want men to know.

10. Live passionately.

11. Be happy.

12. Act consistently in ways that allow everyone around you to shine.

13. Avoid doing things that are inconsiderate of others.

14. Reveal the good that comes from doing more good for more people.

Happy New Year
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Anonymous said...

My resolution for the new year is to stay the course.

You can't improve on perfection. ;-)

Jeannie said...

Those sound more like general words to live by except for that things women want men to know? How did that get in there? I think men would like women to know some stuff too.

nanc said...

resolve to make NO resolutions.

good to go!