Sunday, December 14, 2008

Religion in Schools

Image via WikipediaUpon first reading this news, I thought to myself, this is great. How progressive and enlightened are the policy makers? Removing religious education from schools. How wonderful.

Two seconds after thinking this feel- good thought, I realized that what wasn't being mentioned was the hidden agenda. In my view, the policy has been borne of concerns about not offending Muslims. And this thought really depresses me.
Are the PC mob behind this new policy?

I am Facebook friends with Richard Collins who is conducting a campaign to remove religious indoctrination for all children. Did he ever contemplate the possibility that his ideals would become policy with a hidden agenda? I doubt it. On the other hand he is against ALL religious indoctrination. God help anyone who tries to ban Islamic religious education.
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Anonymous said...

Only secular indoctrination allowed!

Whatever happened to religious freedom?

Baconeater said...

It is still a good thing. Removing religion from the classrooms will create less future Muslims as they will be taught facts. And facts and faith are complete opposite.

Alice, you have freedom to pray to whoever you want at home, in the car, or at your place of worship. Public and government places should not favor one religion over another, so it is best to eliminate religion from those places.

Anonymous said...

LOL! You mean facts like homosexual couples are just as good at raising children as married heterosexuals and that oral sex is not sex?

Viva los factos!

Anonymous said...

Naaah. Better teach everyone the "facts" of global warming!

Jeannie said...

Guess there are a lot of controversial topics out there. Religious teaching is not allowed in our public schools except as part of learning tolerance and acceptance of differences. So the kids might learn of various different faiths but none can be specifically promoted as being "right". I don't think this really hurts the kids. Mine believe what they believe - they have formed their own opinions from what they have learned - including evolution etc. plus they are very open minded and able to speak with people of other faiths without ridicule or antagonism. They see a lot in modern Christianity that is just stupid too.

There may be a lot of facts out there but they are open to many interpretations.

Culturist John said...

Here is where, again, being neutral leaves us at a loss. I am an atheist. That said, I readily acknowledge the obvious historical fact that western civ has one big foot in Jerusalem (the other, of course, in Athens). To not teach that any religion is more western than any other is to lie. It is to ignore over a thousand years of struggle between Islam and Christianity.

Again, we play by multiculturalist rules that neuter us. The other side plays by culturist rules that empower them. Do you think Iran will stop teaching that it is an Islamic republic with a side in every ideological contest? We are a western / Christian / Enlightenment based, uniquely rights based and democratic nation. We have a side. Western civ has struggled too hard and long to deny our progress.