Thursday, May 14, 2009

Swine Flu - the conspiracy theory

The World Health Organisation is investigating a claim by an Australian researcher that the swine flu virus circling the globe may have been created as a result of human error.

Now most people may find this news surprising.
Not me. In fact I had the distinct feeling of an "AHA, I knew it!" moment.

I think it's because I read too many espionage novels and watch too much espionage stories on TV.
Anybody seen the recent series of SPOOKS would see the similarities here.

It used to be that science fiction writers would make bold prediction about the future.
Today it's the espionage writers that seem to have the gift of insight about what's going on behind the scenes. I'm not a conspiracy nut but it's hard to ignore such thoughts when real life seems to mirror what you see and read in fiction.

Maybe AIDS really is a cover up caused by dastardly scientists.
Maybe Ebola is the genie that was let out of the bottle.
Maybe Sadam Hussein really did have WMD. (See Fist of God)You just have to read the right books...
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Jeannie said...

I think it's entirely likely that such devious schemes have come to fruition. I don't care whether or not it's true though just that it could be.

Lexcen said...

Could be is scary enough for me.

Anonymous said...

The Andromeda Strain, reborn?

Lexcen said...

You just never know FJ, you just never know.
In fact I read a great book by Philip Kerr called The Shot on the JFK assassination and by coincidence there was a documentary on TV that substantiated much of what was written in the book. Truth or fiction? Indeed.