Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tribute to /t

/t as he is known on his blogging site displays his art which he terms "visual poetry". I've been a fan of his work for many years now. In fact I even asked for an autographed print of one of his works. It hangs proudly in my home. What is amazing about his art is that it is free, available to anyone with a computer to download and use. /t is Ted Warnell. He has a wicked sense of humor and you will discover this when you check out his blog. He doesn't use paint or canvas for his works. He uses programming code. His "brushstrokes" are the letters of the alphabet and punctuation marks. His color scheme can be randomized and modified yet the results are still awesome. In fact I've changed the color schemes as you can see in the variations of the works in the video. I take my hat off to a true and gifted artist, /t.
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Mariana Soffer said...

I completelly agree with what you say, here is something I wrote about him in my blog, hope you likr it:
Warnell is a truly unique programmer of art inventions. This artist is the most influential one of his movement (although nobody knows to which one he belongs to). He is a visual artist and writer. His art works and writings on his witting about art and new media can be find in real and online art galleries, in print, digital, and also in web publications. He came to poetics through working with computer languages - machine code, assembly language and programming. He fuses digital imagery with markup language (HTML) and code (JavaScript) to create his web art and poetics. His source material is "code and data, program logic, information from cyberspace, all things digital." He has even found a creative use for spam.
You can find the rest in the new friends entry

Lexcen said...

Mariana, I think you said it much better than me.

nanc said...

You have lost what's left of your mind - he sucks hind teat - what did he CREATE? He's a mathematician at best.

Lexcen said...

nanc, I could try to convince you otherwise but I think it would be just pissing in the wind.

Anonymous said...


buddy, you do this
and don't tell me so that
i can come over here and thank you?!?

found this via google!

but thank you, friend, and to mariana, too, for her kind words -- thanks to nanc for her time to look in at my work, and even if all she finds is that it's just not her cup of tea

thanks again, all


Lexcen said...

/t, isn't it amazing what you can find on Google?