Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Guilty by Suspicion

The news that Muslims who were caught having sex outtside of marriage in Malaysia grabbed my attention.
The first thought that crossed my mind was how can people be caught having sex outside of marriage? Is there a bedroom police or active surveillance in place to monitor such activity? Thank God there isn't anything so ominous. It appears that the mere hint of suspicion is enough to prove guilt in an Islamic state under Sharia Law.
Don't bother with innocent until proven guilty. Don't bother with fairness or justice, after all we are talking Islam. There seems to be no end to the fascinating intricacies of life in an Islamic state.


Jeannie said...

Scary shit.

Patrick Carroll said...

Fascinating is one word for it!

Damien said...


I wouldn't use Jeannie's language, but I think I have to agree with her. Even when one is able to find any more objection to sex outside of marriage, if they are reasonable, they will have a lot of trouble justifying something like this.

Anonymous said...

The religion of peace sure is strange.

AZ said...

I'm surprised, I would have thought that if a unmarried man and woman were having sex the woman would be stoned and the man would be scolded within a inch of his life.

Lexcen said...

AZ, I think you're confusing adultery with unmarried sex.