Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Bloodlust and Islam

I think it is interesting to observe certain characteristics of Islam which are relatively ignored by most observers.
As this story shows, it isn't uncommon for a Muslim to put himself in the position of judge/jury/executioner where matters of Islamic faith are concerned.

THE governor of Pakistan's powerful Punjab province was shot dead in the capital by one of his guards, who told interrogators afterward that he was angry about the politician's stance against the country's blasphemy law.
Pakistan's blasphemy law has come under greater scrutiny in recent days after a Christian woman was sentenced to death for allegedly insulting Islam's Prophet Muhammad. The law effectively orders death for anyone convicted of insulting Islam.
The governor was killed by his own bodyguard because the bodyguard considered his boss to have insulted Islam. 

Apparently when an Islamic law is passed by the government, it's citizens consider that each and every one of them is in the position of judge/jury/executioner, especially when the offence is a perceived insult to Islam.

Recently I read that the rationale for honor killings outside Islamic countries, the Muslim individual takes on the role and responsibility of judge/jury/executioner because Islamic law  isn't enforced in that country.
The question remains, what about honor killings that are rife within Islamic countries? 
I think my observation answers that question.

The fact that there are a wide range of offences under Islamic law that call for nothing less than the death penalty, including adultery, apostasy from Islam, mocking Allah, disrespecting Allah, mocking Islam (Salman Rushdie knows about that one) might be enough to warn the observer that this isn't a religion that is tolerant, compassionate or forgiving. 
The fact that a wide range of offenses either perceived or not can justify murder is really disturbing.
This paints a picture of a religion that harbors although not necessarily condones bloodlust, it is there if you just scratch the surface.


Jeannie said...

It's pretty scary. And when you don't have to be overly inventive when you don't like someone...well - it's very convenient too.

I'm hoping that recent changes to laws will continue to be mutually intolerant when it comes to the safety and rights of others. At least some folks are waking up.

Baconeater said...

It only takes a few to make them all look bad, mostly because you don't know who that few is, and when that few becomes a few.

mrlood1000 said...

This is what Islam is all about:


Anonymous said...

Ah the religion of peace at its best.

Lexcen said...

Baconeater, you made me wonder if in fact I was being a bit harsh in my judgement of Muslims. Now the story follows of a mass of supporters for this guys actions. Yes, the actions of a few but supported by many many more, I stand by my premise.

Damien said...


I would say that Islam not only harbors and condones blood lust, it views it as a virtue.