Saturday, August 12, 2006


I know I've been lambasting the peace loving Muslims for a while on my blog. Guilty! But I am by my birth sign, Virgo, paranoid by nature. I don't choose to be paranoid, I don't like it but it's just the way I am. Nothing brings out my paranoia more than stories about peace loving muslims.
This morning, browsing the news stories I read the latest headlines about the foiled terrorist attack in England. This led to links linking links and I find myself reading about our peace loving neighbours in Indonesia. They are to execute 3 Christians. I don't like Christians any more than I like any other religious denomination. This story scares me, because I am paranoid. This reminded me of another story regarding religious intolerance in peace loving Indonesia. Yes, three girls beheaded for being Christian. Which of course led to another link about a story concerning peace loving Indonesians bombing a cafe. The reasons being, religious conflict. This week started with a story about peace loving Indonesians preparing a force of suicide bombers to support Muslims in the Middle East. Indonesians, peace be upon them, are Australia's closest geographical neighbour of an significance. Australians only fart if they know it won't upset the Indonesians. I am paranoid. I staying indoors today, too scared to go outside, don't want to upset those peace loving Indonesians, peace be upon them.


Crashtest Comic said...

My brother tells me Indonesian hookers are the best around, except for their dirty flipflops!

Lexcen said...

I've limited myself here. I've never found Indonesian women attractive,Philippino maybe,Indian probably,Russian definitely,Japanese don't really know...