Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Abu Bakar Bashir

"Of course nude women are more dangerous than the Bali bombings " says spiritual leader Jemaah Islamiah in Indonesia.

It's not just his opinion that matters. Indonesian judges also have their priorities fucked up when they sentence drug couriers to death but in comparison, Indonesians who have been convicted of the Bali bombings get off with 20 years prison. I have no sympathy for drug couriers but I do choke at the leniency of the courts in Indonesia when it comes to mass murderers.

Or maybe it's just because they don't like Australians. The drug couriers were Australians.
Indonesians have many reasons to hate Australians other than the fact that we are Christian country (whatever that means because public debate seems to indicate that we aren't sure of that anymore. We are a multi-cultural country with all the garbage that that phrase implies)

Indonesians hate Australians because of Australian policies regarding East Timor.

Indonesians hate Australians because we gave political asylum to 12 Papua New Guineans.

Indonesians hate Australians because one of our ex prime ministers referred to Dr Mahatir ex prime minister of Indonesia as "recalcitrant". Maybe that pissed them off because they needed to refer to a dictionary.

Indonesians hate because hate is an integral part of Islam.


Kirsten N. Namskau said...

You know, hate has become a part of the mind of humanity.I am the woman Norway sent to Israel for peace-talk in the middle of ~80 ... And i learned one thing...They WANT war, crime and suffering. If they don't have anything to quarrel about...they create something... I think it is the same with all other countries too.(This could become a big discussion)
By the way....I like the music on you blog.

Lexcen said...

Thanks for your comment Kirsten. I'm sure you have some poignant story regarding this subject. Maybe in your book or on your blog?