Monday, September 25, 2006


Meet Andrew.
He was nice enough to read my post titled "Thoughts" and post a comment. I suggest my readers check his comments out on my post.
I did reply to his comment but I felt it wasn't enough.
I think that the whole world should get to know this Andrew. I wonder how many other "Andrews" there are out there. Apparently he's on good terms with Schlemazl, another blogger who I like to read. That's no reflection on Schlemazl for whom I have the utmost respect.
The reason I'm highlighting Andrew is that he's the first person to attack me personally since I started blogging. Of course, I don't mind different points of view, and I don't object to someone pointing out to me that I'm wrong about something. I think discussion and debate is very stimulating intellectually. I wonder if Andrew has any idea about how to express himself without being abusive. I wonder if Andrew knows how to put a point of view across, intelligently, clearly, concisely and articulate his thoughts. I notice that he's still studying so maybe it's too early to judge him on that.


Intolerant said...

Andrew is an asshole...he will learn the hard way.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

You know...some people only are like that. They don't know any better. I don't know if it is the school which has failed in educate the youth or the parents who has failed in the upbringing of the child.

shlemazl said...

Our "good terms" with Andrew came about after I've taken a lot of abuse. I don't get upset by these things.

He is Aboriginal. He feels that Muslims are oppressed by "Europeans" in the same way as Aboriginals were. In this picture Jews are "Europeans" too.

It was fun watching him get a shock when a Palestinian girl told him all she thought about nomads (it was screwed and racist history by any standard).

I don't like the timebomb picture.

Chris in Manitoba said...

Lexcen, your response was absolutely perfect.

I'm also exactly the same as shlemazl, "...good terms with Andrew came about after I've taken a lot of abuse." Although I really didn't take a lot of abuse. We just disagreed on two of my posts.

He's an ok guy really, just polar opposite in political/world view. Like yourself, Andrew was my first, took my blogs virginity. Hehehe I'll always have a place for him in my heart! ...sigh... :P

I have to admit that at 19 I was also rather manic, idealistic, & extreme in my views (extremely libertarian & extreme rightwing), but now at the ripe old age of 35 I'm actually a little moderate! Most people mellow out with age.

Intolerant said...

Lex...I visited his warped little world and commented on the post he made with the Ape girl model he thought was just too beautiful for words. Indigenous Beauty he entitled it. I saved my comments in case he decides to delete them.

Lexcen said...

thanks everybody for your comments.
I don't do slanging matches and hurling of abuse. Sorry Schlemazl but the pic you don't like happens to strike a chord with me. I hope I haven't offended anyone but if I have then bad luck. If opinions are offensive then feel free to comment and leave but don't abuse me personally (Andew's behaviour is inexcusable).

Intolerant said...

I sometimes just can't help but point out inaccuracies in stupid people's criticisms of others. Andrew is a pussy who simply asks those who do not think he is just the most intelligent boy on earth to please not return to his blog. I take that as an open invitation and a challenge. I will continue to do this "slanging match" until he can present a valid argument. CTC was able to. This kid just wants to gather hi marbles and run home to mommy crying. Sorry Lex, but I will take it to him rather than do it here.

Jenafear said...

Intol's all fired up, I'll get the popcorn. As for the kid, hopefully he'll mature and realize insults are an ineffective approach to disagreement.

Lexcen said...

Good Intol, don't apologise for your actions. Maybe Andrew will learn the hard way when he steps out into the real world and gets beaten up in the street for being a snotty nosed prick.
Better to get beaten up online than in the pub. I don't wish the kid any harm but I can imagine him after a few beers shooting his mouth off and then the rednecks will make mince meat out of him.

Intolerant said...

...the hard way. His replies to me are even more inane than his original posts. A referee would call the fight now before he injures himself even more! I rest my case with the twerp.